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June 26, 2020by admin0

The pandemic has changed the lives of people across the globe, more so for businesses that have resorted to new methods of getting work done. The pandemic business plan has proven to be one that has restored some semblance of normalcy in the functioning of companies. It has driven various technological innovations in an assortment of fields. Healthcare has seen some of the greatest technological advancements, the world is increasingly moving towards digitization. The Internet of Things has made working from home infinitesimally simpler and the revolutionary concept of IoMT (internet of medical things). Learning to live with constraints like these can often prove to be cumbersome and a stumbling block to growth, but organizations can beat the odds with excellent business pandemic plans.

Millions of workers across the world belonging to diverse sectors are being forced to self-quarantine and this is an unavoidable outcome of the pandemic. It demands a certain level of understanding when it comes to analyzing the impact of this shift and making sure we implement appropriate mitigation strategies from our pandemic business plan. Working from home has created a new avenue to explore in terms of network security, server accessibility, and so on. This can prove to be difficult to maneuver at first, but the perks of having a strong workforce continuing as usual from the comfort and safety of their homes is sure to prove profitable. There have been many insights from previous studies on the world on the impact of work from home arrangements on the working sector.  The IT sector has a significant advantage over most other sectors as they may not necessarily be able to access the same kind of tools and methodology.

The Healthcare sector is the most essential in these times and as expected there have been major changes in the way we view healthcare. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) that is, in essence, nothing more than an amalgamation of various networking techniques that have made Healthcare accessible to all. Right from Tele-Health and Tele-Medicine to the accelerated growth of medical e-commerce, Healthcare is in the process of undergoing a revolution. The pandemic has created the need for more secure portals that enable users to make cashless transactions more easily. This is where we see the synergy between IoT and Healthcare truly at work. Healthcare has also seen a surge in the number of demands for deliveries. It doesn’t seem worth the risk to step out for one’s monthly diabetes meds, so patrons have chosen to get on their phones and use one of the many new medicine delivery services to get their meds instead.

The world is beginning to come to terms with the new normal that has been established. And with it, there is a realization in general that sets the trend that technological innovation is the way to move forward. The markets have begun to solidify their stand against the pandemic and there is an increasing trend of possible investments in technology in the coming months. The world wants to cope with the pandemic, we are moving from a state of delirium and surprise to strategic planning on the basis of various business pandemic plans. Staying home, staying safe and continuing to innovate is the way forward for the world.



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