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PoC Project/Full Size Project Consulting

Our PoC Project/Full Size Project Consulting

PoC stands for Proof of Concept and a documented confirmation of successful product or service. It can be really helpful for a Product Owner to identify potential technical and logical issues which could produce hurdle in a product successful implementation.

For a POC, a stern methodology focusing success criteria is critical to achieving the desired outcomes. The success of a PoC concept is determined if it can satisfy questions raised by the success criteria. Regardless of business decision to move forward with the end result, a PoC will still be considered successful. In case of incomplete test cases or set out success criteria a PoC would be unsuccessful.

PoC is established to prove the achievability of a solution or the viability of a side of a solution. Typically a POC is attempting to answer questions like:

  • The ultimate solution, is it going to be practicable?
  • Will the product’s perform be as expected and presented?
  • Is this technology going to meet a company’s needs?
  • Will the workforce be able to maintain their productivity with the new concept of doing things?

Steps to follow for a successful PoC

  • Defining Success Criteria –

Clearly and explicitly defining success criteria can help you achieve success. Success criteria are set up by end-users, IT professionals, business decision maker and representative of different departments.

There are two types of success criteria

  1. Technical
  2. Business

Each success criteria carries two basic components – a criterion and a test case. They both are either technically straightforward to inspire a case or, could be a bit tricky needing validation and discussion.

  • Analyzing the Proposed Solution –

After defining criteria and associated test cases, the planning for a POC solution starts. Usually, a testing environment is set up for conducting PoC in order to mitigate any risks to the production environment. Different practices are carried out in a test environment to achieve the set goals keeping the key questions in mind. The main challenge is to get the established outcome in a timely manner with min efforts and max effectiveness. The focus is very important at this stage as losing it could result in out of control deployment struggle.

  • Success Criteria vs. Solution Evaluation –

Once the solution is decided, evaluation of solution against the test case is to be performed. Again, evaluation is performed in a test or virtualization environment, it involves test user accounts, IT staff, or actual end users. The net result consists of data mentioned pass / fail for the test cases an iterative testing process begins with some users willing to participate in something new or just being patient until results are out.

  • Moving Forward with Results –

A report is generated for decision makers to evaluate the results coupled with implications for the future solution and make a decision to move forward. Only business can decide if they would like to implement the PoC solutions. They might decide against it for instance, if all success criteria are met, but it requires a complete re-architecting of the network, then it could mean a no to the PoC solution.