The innovation product of Vision App helps to recognize the products from the image using

Image Processing technology and it shows the results by identifying the product along with the quantity.

The aim of the app was to develop a standalone electronic sensing system that uses a camera to sense the type of food and number of unique food items and provides a count of each type.

The details are: 

  • Android Based App (Google Lens)
  • Image Processing – (MatLab (Algorithm)
  • The app includes an implementation of Complex Algorithms & API’s
  • Matlab Algo for image processing to identify products.
  • Android app to click the frame and to execute the .exe file of Matlab.
  • To be able to recognize the product along with count.

Key Points Considered to Develop the App:

The app requirement was precise hence, the following key points were taken care:

  • The height of the camera and the product tray is fixed for every image.
  • There will be three products in the tray and all three will be of different types.
  • Background cannot be red but it can be green and blue.
  • Only the blue and gray tray were opted to obtain the accurate result.
  • The staging and overlapping was out of scope.


This application can be beneficial to the staff/ users in restaurant business especially fast food chains where such an application can be directly utilized for quicker operations during delivering food for customers

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