Basically, “finance transformation” describe strategic initiatives and measures taken aiming improvement in the finance of a company. There could be a variety of tasks involved, from compromising on the budget cycle to buying new accounting software for overall cost reduction. Just like any other transformation, goal finance transformation is similar, to boost the performance of the company while providing satisfactory services to their customers.

Finance Transformation Process is difficult and requires proper planning, without comprehensive planning it could be very time-consuming and costly. However, given the risks, finance transformation is also crucial for an organization to keep up with the changing needs of changing business models.

ITConnectUS Can Help You Improve One Or More Of The Following

Governance – Responsibilities here include accounting, auditing, and budgeting. The importance of governance is visible during compliance, control, and minimizing costs.

Scaling – This is generally considered for new business requirements like acquisitions, new markets, etc. The goal of scaling for finance is to efficiently support and integrate growing businesses.

Services – The aim of the services is to provide better financial insight to internal customers and employers, often via advanced data analytics. ITConnectUS leads financial firms to address the most crucial priorities that enable the finance to support and create value for the business.

ITConnectUS establishes trust with its clients by helping them in developing a high-performance business model, bettering core processes and managing & monitoring companies’ performance. ITConnectUS Finance Transformation Process can play a key role in your strategic, operational, and organizational transformation journey. Today, CFOs face countless various concerns including increased regulatory pressures, technological advances, and harmonization of accounting standards. ITConnectUS expertise helps you sustain and enhance shareholder value during the difficult time of transformation.


ITConnectUS consulting expert’s offers technology-driven finance transformation that reduces costs, improves effectiveness and boosts value. Our solutions enable you to:

Line up your financial strategy with your extensive business needs, allowing you to manage your assets smoothly.

In-depth and detailed insights of current corporate financial and operational systems

Transform financial processes by integrating technology to improve efficiency, enhance service levels, and capitalize on ERP and other investments.

Off-shoring and outsourcing help you improve your organizational structure and efficiency.

ITConnectUS dedicated financial transformation team holds a powerful blend management experience and professional capabilities aimed at achieving your goals with you.


Finance Strategies – Our Finance strategies can help your firm define their policy to support them in assessing their vision and help implement the needed change to their finance and process delivery model.

Operational Finance – We offer opportunities to your finance organization to add value to your business through core functional areas and focus on rationalizing core finance processes like:

  • Cash Ordering
  • Payment Procedure
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Management Reports
  • Financial systems

Business Finance – We aid our clients to achieve business objectives and, develop and execute finance transformation processes.

We Offer

  • Performance Management Principals
  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Partnering
  • Cost and Profitability Management

Service Delivery Model – The way a finance organization is structured would impact its role in the business. Finance organizations of various industries are giving more insights into their operational structure and being proactive in making the decision for cost reduction. Many leading finance leaders are seeking to transform operating models to handle the dynamic marketplace. ITConnectUS Finance Transformation team offers a focus on developing an effective and efficient model for the company’s financial system.

Our Services Include Implementing

  • Operating Model
  • Shared Services Model
  • Outsourcing Model
  • Organization Model

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