DevOps is a drive engrossed around the collaboration of development, operations and testing teams within a company. It accelerates the speed to market and solves mission-critical workloads, by creating error-free software and reducing the time of development. ITConnectUS is a global Software Development company providing the best DevOps services to its clients worldwide.

At ITConnectUS, we streamline the software projects in such a way so that the higher profits can be attained at the lowest prices. To achieve this, a spectacular level of employee engagement, organization interest, and motivation is practiced.

We have been involved with helping organizations benefit from the accurate and proper use of technology. DevOps is an evolution. It encompasses best practices from a variety of systems of thought (including ITSM, Lean, Agile, The Theory of Constraints, Safety Culture, Learning Organizations) and world-beating automation, packaged to liberate the people in your organization to innovate and apply intelligence to decision making at a velocity previously impossible. In global markets, this has never been more relevant to use digitization to thrive not just survive. All the best companies are doing it or thinking about doing it. We have found our niche in helping identify where, when and how you start and how to make incremental, evolutionary change and maintain momentum. We believe change comes from within so our tools help organizations move the needle on their DevOps maturity using their own resources.

At ITConnectUS, we have a solid emphasis on the cultural aspects of DevOps, the lost piece of the puzzle for many clients and often the key inhibitor to making the change. To meet the challenges of cultural diversity, we have developed a suite of tools to help tackle the problems around communication, collaboration, fear, blame, lack of transparency, the bureaucracy that organizations have to deal with.

Our vision to use the DevOps is to bridge the gap between IT and businesses by adding a commercial element to it. When we engage with an organization in a discovery or assessment exercise, designed to identify where to start or accelerate DevOps capabilities, we initiate with the development of a set of metrics that really matter to the business and can help in bringing the bigger favorable process changes.

We help customers build The DevOps LoopTM (a continuous release cycle) and make it possible for them to measure and track the cost of a feature or idea through the development and delivery cycle. The live business review report creates a difference in every small or big business.

Drive Full Lifecycle Management

At ITConnectUS, we build, test and release software rapidly with the high rate of reliably. The defined product life cycle increases production profitability.

Streamline Repeatable Processes

Our developers work upon enhancing automation and measure processes for efficiencies while improving productivity by adopting changing demands.

Continuous Integration (CI)

At ItConnectUS, we take the burden of merging the code of developers to regulate the speed to market and process governance by leveraging next-generation CI toolsets.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

We proudly deploy new facets of production in less time and deal with issues that crop up at the time of installation or during integration.

Continuous Improvement

Our developers go beyond decreasing errors and potential issues in production services and governance over mission-critical workloads.

Our DevOps Services

The actual DevOps outcomes are difficult to describe on one page but we start building DevOps applications by evaluating the idea from the inception to production. The reports at every stage are generated to have clarity on profit. The real-time analysis is always different from the calculated figures. We use DevOps LoopTM. This is the ultimate Metric that Matters.

We are continuously working on achieving localized automation and continuous deployment as we believe that change is part of life. To do so, our team is working to overcome the below-mentioned challenges:

Islands Of Automation

ITConnectUS successfully implements DevOps tools such as CI, infrastructure provisioning, or building AMIs. As a result, the business activities are optimized locally but not across your end to end software delivery workflows, creating disconnected “islands of automation”.

Heterogeneous Applications

Every organization is looking to embrace a mix of heterogeneous applications. There will be a mix of traditional and modern apps, making use of various languages, tools, databases and deployment endpoints. It makes it difficult to commit to a standard toolchain and to avoid mixing. Our DevOps approach is to blend with old and new apps efficiently.

Rapid Tech Evolution

As we adopt 5th generation technologies, the size of the apps is becoming smaller but the complexity of operations in-front and at the backend is increasing. To cope with such a situation current Application Release Automation (ARA) tools are not enough to manage the complexity. Also, manual processes at the edge of each process slow things down even further. That’s why we explore the DevOps to speed up the processes.

Lack Of Insight

Many organizations have made some progress towards faster software releases with a combination of a cultural change and automating discrete activities. However, after a while and it’s difficult to measure where you are with your DevOps efforts, or how success is defined. This leads to a lot of frustration.

Our Approach

At ITConnectUS, our DevOps solutions adopt an approach that highlights communication, collaboration, integration, and automation. It will help in eliminating bottlenecks in software development by ensuring agile delivery for software-driven innovation.

We believe in agile development. Starting with the focused mindset, we furnish the appropriate process by choosing the right tools to develop top-quality software quickly.

Our DevOps services opt for :

  • Automated provisioning
  • Scaling up of servers within minutes
  • Elimination of server state mismatch
  • Bringing up servers in deploy real state

Discover the power of digital to develop custom software applications and IT products Using NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY! For collaborations, integration & smooth operations contact us.

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