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As the technology is growing, the storage of data is becoming handier. The drag and drop data files can be directly used in the applications. Integration, editing, transformation, and data management are the biggest challenge in front of any growing organization.

Over the last decade, the industry has discovered a virtual storage solution known as cloud storage. This central storage is the most suitable option for storing data online digitally. Instead of the in-house server’s storage, we have moved to online data that provides unlimited storage. The data storage in the cloud ensures affordability and the data can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

There are numerous benefits of cloud storage. Let’s take an insight to explore some of them;

A Cost-Effective Solution

The cloud vendors have played a smart game. They have bought a lot of storage space and pass that to customers. But it’s more than a low per-GB cost that saves a lot. Moving to the cloud reduces the need to purchase hard disks, the enclosures to contain them, the RAID cards to power the data redundancy, the electricity that powers them, and the hardware warranty services for the protection purpose. But it also lowers management costs by reducing on-premise hardware and software management, simplifying monitoring, and reducing the need for extensive capacity planning. Instead, administrators can focus on other, more important, tasks.

Data Redundancy and Replication

Most cloud storage vendors keep multiple copies of user data even within a single “data center” and offer object durability to reduce any likelihood of data loss. But if the customers require more protection, geographic replication options can make multiple copies of your data across regions. Some vendors offer geo-replication storage class options, whereas some vendors offer replication services that quickly move data between data centers. The backup copy always remains protected.

Data Tiering

There is a trend of offering different storage classes/data tiers by different vendors. This helps in restoring the backups and plan to keep your backups in storage. For backups that need quick and/or frequent restores, the clients can consider the vendor’s hot storage. This makes retrieval faster and effective. The long-term storage can be done using archive storage. Restores can be slower, and there might be additional costs to retrieve data, but the storage costs are considerably lower – especially if you plan to keep the backups for years. For effective storage, there are vendors offering policies based on the object lifecycle that can automatically move data between tiers. As a result, the administration becomes easier and lets you more easily realize cost savings.

Regulatory Compliance

For successful regulatory compliance, it is better that your backups remain in the same region as where the data originates. However, cloud vendors offer data centers options all around the globe. If you have a need to store your customer data in an EU data center, look for a cloud storage vendor that can make the adjustment of data in the local region. The local storage also improves the access speed of the data. There is no restriction as such, but you will experience the improved performance worthwhile.

Ransomware/Malware Protection

Ransomware has affected cloud storage and continuously becoming a threat to cloud storage vendors. One of the serious ransomware attributes is that the malware will look beyond the locally infected computer to the network. It can share documents and files that are encrypted. If you’re hit by ransomware or some other malware that is encrypting or destroying files, the cloud storage central security policy can help to protect against ransomware by offering backup security advantages.

Apart from the above – mentioned benefits, there are some other benefits that allure organizations to swift over the cloud storage. Some of them are:

  • More usability and accessibility
  • Better disaster recovery
  • Easy sharing and automation
  • Healthier Collaboration
  • Scalable Service
  • Smooth Synchronization
  • Convenient for organizations

There is no denying the fact that cloud storage is adopted by the industries at a large scale and it has become the topmost preference for data storage for small to big companies. In the coming future, the technio.ogies are revolving around cloud computing techniques. Here are some future predictions made regarding cloud storage.

Everything as a Service

The cloud-based services and solutions would have a boom in the future. Many of these services are already extremely popular and capturing the market. The software platform and infrastructure as a service (SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas) expenditure have taken the first position in the IT infrastructure budget.

These services either have a monthly or annual subscription system. Many businesses adopt the simplicity of implementation and high performance that cloud platforms offer. It’s likely that the future cloud service and solution landscape will be dominated by big tech giants.

The companies like Amazon are successfully running its ever-popular Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google’s services such as Google Apps and Google Compute Engine (GCE). It will likely continue to gain market share.

Increased Storage

Cloud-based storage is coming up with many exciting offers and discounts. With the normalization of cloud storage, the companies are giving preference to cloud storage. The total amount of cloud storage will nearly be double.

It is beneficial to small companies as they can start at a nominal cost without setting up their own storage infrastructure., However, the big organizations can store big data in the cloud to analyze and form insights to improve business performance.

The Evolving Internet of Things (IoT)

The entire concept of IoT is based on cloud storage. It allows a range of connected devices to communicate with each other like smartphones, TV or car. If we consider the IoT as the next big thing in the technology revolution, cloud storage is likely to increase. however, the devices are becoming more smarter with nanotechnologies. The fusion of the IoT and artificial intelligence are allowing innovations and complex analysis to create evolving IoT into the internet of everything (IoE).

2019 will be the year that IoE allows technology to not only interact more intelligently with humans but for humans to interact in new and more complex ways with other humans. An example of this is the Google Pixel Buds that can recognize and translate languages in real-time using Google Translate. Though in its infancy, technology like this will become more common as the IoE evolves.

 Security Will Still Be An Issue

As per the latest reports, ‘46% of all businesses identified at least one cyberattack or breach. It has emerged as the biggest concern in cloud storage. The number is likely to increase. Unfortunately, with more devices becoming connected and hackers creating more sophisticated attacks, security will a major issue for adopting cloud-based services.

However, cyber-security companies have extended their support to cloud storage vendors by providing effective security solutions to deal with issues of the security breach.


As we move forward to the next-gen technology solutions, cloud storage offers a great platform that does not require any huge investment. It can be actively used for connecting and collaborating with clients and employees. If you opt for a cloud environment, you have access to benefits such as faster information deployment, less management, and less supervision. Thus you can focus on achieving your business goals freely.

Moving to hybrid or fully cloud-based data storage solutions is the choice which the organizations have to make. For both the options, you are required to IT infrastructure. The cloud management will provide a connection to remote access from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection and the cost efficiencies that cloud computing can bring.

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