IAM Solution Implementation and Governance Solutions

Identity and access management (IAM) plays a very important role in an organization’s IT security strategy. With the increase in the number of applications, servers and, database; the importance of securing all of them also increases. IAM solutions give secure access to the organization’s resources. It offers capabilities like single sign-on, provisioning, user management, access control, and governance. However, securing an organizations’ sensitive data and applications requires more than that. For example, a provisioned user could leave an organization exposed if activity on his closed access is not monitored and managed properly. At ITConnectUS, as an IT solutions company ,we like to provide security in silence. We work in the background silently to provide seamless access, and only intervening when something is wrong. We provide Identity management systems solution that secure your business, enable digital transformation and establish trust. Identity management systems are available for on-premise systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, as well as for cloud-based systems, such as Microsoft Office 365.

In IT Management solutions, IAM takes care of the three important questions regarding privileged accesses:-

  • Who needs what access level?
  • Is access appropriate to the person?
  • Is that access being used appropriately?

Basically, IAM (Identity and access management) defines and manages the roles, accesses and privileges granted or denied to individual network users of a company. The core objective of IAM systems is one identity per individual and maintain, modify and monitor it throughout the “access lifecycle”.

 “Grant access to the right enterprise assets to the right users in the right context, from a user’s system on-boarding to permission authorizations to the off-boarding of that user as needed in a timely fashion”

– Yassir Abousselham

(Senior VP CSO, Okta)


  • Tools and technology to change a user’s role
  • Track user activities
  • Create reports on those activities
  • Enforce policies on an ongoing basis


  • Password-management tools
  • Provisioning software
  • Security-policy enforcement applications
  • Reporting and monitoring apps and identity repositories


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