ITConnectUS is working with the broad spectrum having the vision to facilitate the best services to its clients. Blockchain services are one of the latest technology on which we work at the expertise level.

our experienced blockchain technical architects analyze the feasibility of your idea and consult you with the appropriate Blockchain solution. We aim to optimize the business processes of our customers by building scalable and secure Blockchains for them.

Our  Blockchain applications can support a wide range of industrial applications. The financial transactions using cryptocurrency like Bitcoins are one of the most popular services which we provide. To add on, we build Blockchain-based applications that can revolutionize various types of transactions. Some of them include Business Order Tracking, Supply Chain, Banking and Finance, E-learning, Healthcare, Online Shopping Portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Renewable Energy, Contract validation and so on.

We have built a niche in the stream of Blockchain application development by implementing, deploying decentralized Custom Blockchain Applications. We even provide additional support to set digital wallets so that cryptocurrency can be saved securely. We commit to deliver a perfect Blockchain solution by building a fast, unique and secure application.

Our Services

Smart Contract Development

Blockchains don’t access the data directly from any server or platform. Nodes are created and linked together that access smart contracts. Smart contracts is a software that is responsible for sending the information of the crypto coins to the nodes. We guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased the transparency of many online processes.

Smart Contract Audit

 The review/ audit of the smart contract is mandatory as there are rapid changes in blockchain technology and a secure connection is a must. We have a team of experts proficient in providing Blockchain audits.

Private Blockchain

ITConnectUS help the organizations to create their own blockchain services. Also, we help them maintain Blockchains. We offer an inclusive range of custom Blockchain development services and enterprise-grade implementation solutions for various Blockchain platforms.

Supply chain Blockchain

 We help the companies to create a distributed ledger that can help in building an application for clean and accurate data transfer. The supply chain distributed ledger( Blockchain) requires fast transfers for which you must use high-end technology. We have successfully implemented such applications.

Cryptocurrency Development

ITConnectUS provides end-to-end cryptocurrency solutions by creating scalable systems for fast transactions. We create a cryptocurrency system for all decentralized enterprises and startups based on Blockchain technology.

ICO App Development

Our ICO app development services open the gateway to access Blockchain applications. We help Blockchain companies and startups with fundraising through ICO website development and related services.

POC Development

Our testing team has the capability to turnaround the efficiency of Proof of Concept application development. With the enriched experience of working with SMEs, we do understand the significance of POC and works towards building the quickest POC possible using the best of agile development methodology.

Multichain Development

We are committed to craft most business-forward and innovative apps to take the fintech business forward with the help of Blockchain services. We work effortlessly with clients to develop multichain platforms to operate their existing private Blockchains or distributed ledgers.


Hyperledger is a distributed ledger-based on Blockchain technology created to access smart contracts. We have served clients with diverse requirements, to develop & deploy decentralized applications using enterprise Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric & Corda.

Wallets Development

A wal let carries cryptocurrency is a software program designed to extend the information related to crypto coins. The wallets maintain the encrypted code to unlock the crypto coins. Whenever a client purchases a digital wallet, it can have details of different types of coins. We help our client to securely maintain wallets.

Why choose us?

We have hands-on experience of developing real-world, Blockchain applications that foster innovation and catch the limelight. While building blockchain applications, trust and transparency are the foremost requirements which we have gained by delivering some of the successful running applications. Some of the key benefits that we provide are:

  • Incredible consultancy in implementing Blockchain
  • Building supportive Blockchain applications for maximizing client’s profit
  • Providing exclusive services in the Supply Chain and Fintech domain
  • Building customized solutions as per clients requirements
  • Helping in establishing infrastructure required

Our Blockchain Development Process

Blockchain Consulting

Since Blockchain is an upcoming technology, we help our clients to identify the potential of the Blockchain applications in their organization. Market research, project’s feasibility assessment, analysis of blockchain platforms, tools, are some of the activities conducted.

Get Cost Estimation

Once the requirements are gathered, based on the project requirement, a business proposal is shared with the client and estimation is provided.

Development and Deployment

Once the project is signed, we bring together a team from a range of disciplines to kick-start the project. We follow a strict time schedule and maintain a budget in developing and deploying the Blockchain application.


We monitor, maintain and provide support for managing new platforms, and third-party platforms. Our blockchain developers are available to resolve critical issues.

Blockchain Migration and Upgrades

We help your existing solution to move to the Blockchain. We work with you, create a roadmap for testing, migration, and up-gradation. Our team understands the need for keeping the business process running and not have any downtime.

Discover the power of digital to develop custom software applications and IT products Using NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY! For collaborations, integration & smooth operations contact us.

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