Today, every organization is planning to walk ahead to improve efficiency by optimizing its basic operations. They look forward to adopting innovative and think ahead technologies like Robotics Process Automation. The companies have built a solid foundation to adopt next-generation technologies. RPA is tailored to automate data-intensive and repetitive tasks for improved ROI.

ITConnectUS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services are developed to automate several processes for clients across multiple industries. We focus on the customer-centric approach to initialize a structured approach to complete RPA solutions.  We offer rule-based and repetitive robotics services. With a team of RPA specialists, we develop an autonomous digital workforce to speed up and fasten your business processes.

Our RPA Services

Bot Development and Support

ITConnectUS has a talented team to develop bots for several customer services, IT and Infrastructure processes (for example, HR, Finance, Data Manipulation, Report Generation and Deployment). The Bot services are designed by keeping the customer’s requirement in mind which can undertake effective SLA tracking and resolve issues quickly.

Management of Digital Workforce

It is critical to managing the digital workforce, which includes the bots and human workforce, efficiently. ITConnectUS can help you manage bot-human processing in a more controlled manner by designing robust dashboards.

Setting up CoE

ITConnectUS can help you to set up RPA CoE (Centre of Excellence) with complete support on assessment, design, development and deployment of robots. Our team can run the RPA pilot by following a formulated model.

How We Help Businesses grow with RPA?

We aim to achieve supervisory compliance by providing marginal IT development so that there are significant changes in the overall response of users. In this way, we can look forward to achieving remarkable changes in our business processes.

Better Customer Experience

Intelligent Automation can always judge the customers in a better way. To interact with customers, RPA interfaces are a great help. We develop services with a customer-centric approach.

Empower the Workforce

When robots get to do tedious tasks, employees rejoice as they perform meaningful & worthy jobs. We create robots for helping manpower.

Non-Invasive Technology

Our RPA solutions can be implemented on the existing system which saves the cost and time to start with RPA services. You can recover the installation cost within 6 months.

Error-Free Operations

 When we are working on modules like analytics, decision-making tools, lead generation solutions, RPA services improve the work efficiency remarkably. Here you can measure the real changes.

Our RPA Processes

ITConnectUS has helped many companies to implement RPA services ranging from feasibility to fulfillment to completion. In applications such as eCommerce where the orders would traditionally take four days can now be completed in one. These types of capabilities enable us to focus on continually improving the user experience, at the same time as delivering a superior service.

Process Discovery

We identify the core areas where improvement is required. Then the cost and time analysis are performed. If feasible then only we recommend implementing RPA processes.

Unattended Automation

Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes are the core areas where we like to automate. A virtual workforce on a virtual server is part of our RPA service.

Attended Automation

ITConnectUS Robots are created to work as the right hand of the employees to complete tasks with higher speed, accuracy and

Hybrid Automation

ITConnectUS enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.

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