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In the last decade, the entrepreneurs have worked hard to develop online strategies that can take eCommerce business to the next level. People have changed their lifestyles and have swiftly shifted to adopt global trends by getting easy access to international brands.

However, if you want to turn your eCommerce store into a profitable business, the new technologies can help you achieve it easily. The potential is always there, and you have to make a decision to start putting in the time and effort it requires to scale up.

The successful strategies in building an online store lie in evaluating customer shopping behavior. What the customers buy and how they respond to technologies employed by businesses. According to the data provided by Statista,  online sales in 2019, retail eCommerce sales worldwide are nearly equal to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Seeing such growth, it has become mandatory to look for online tactics that can help your eCommerce store to adopt successful strategies. Some of the online marketing tactics are:

  • Treat your eCommerce business as a Fresh Venture
  • Find the right software for your business.
  • Figure out where your customers are.
  • Let your customers advertise your brand.

Let’s dive and dig deeper into the  marketing strategies available:

interactive Product Visualization

The online shopping experience is different from the normal shopping. It takes time to build the trust of the customer as the customer is watching the virtual view of the product. So, in 2019, product visualization is one of the best strategies for you to present your products in a more innovative way. The 3D images of the products are already part of the eCommerce stores.It will help them study every detail of a product, which in turn will enable them to make an informed decision without regretting it afterward – helping you avoid complaints and negative reviews.

For example, the addition of zoom options on various eCommerce stores has been a great help for businesses and consumers alike. It allows consumers to zoom in on certain details and get a better understanding of the item without actually touching it.

Marketing of Online Store on Different Channels

 The video marketing, influencer marketing, paid marketing and mobile marketing are the new types of marketing strategies that can be adopted by the stores. Now eCommerce stores can’t depend on web marketing as the competition in the market has increased. The channels such as YouTube and social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are creating more hype. The best way to develop a result-oriented strategy is to make your presence visible in all the platforms.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technology has very much come in the reach of online stores and they can enjoy the benefits of the technology in making the customer interaction more effective. Also, the business decisions using AI techniques have provided a model that depicts the measurable metrics. For example, in online marketing conversion rate, bounce rate, website traffic, engagement rate, etc. are extremely important factors.

This is where AI tools can be of considerable help to you. They enable you to gather as well as investigate data in real-time and track the way potential customers interact with your brand. AI facilitates better efficiency and competence.

You can effectively analyze customer behavior on your website by using algorithms to predict what products may appeal to your prospects and provide recommendations. Machine learning algorithms can be applied to automate your logistics and warehouse operations. The study of historical data, data analytics, and the latest trends can help in optimizing resource allocation, build a healthy pipeline and analyze the team performance.

Advanced Product Filtering

As the lifestyles of the people are turning up to more luxurious, the customers expect a door service that can save their time and money. The customers like to shortlist the products and before adding to the cart, they like to add them to the wishlist. Next time when they visit the website, they like to browse the previous searches.

The advanced filter functionality allows customers to find such features in modern online stores. It can be even more useful if you are selling a lot of variations of the same types of products with many different options. In 2019, the filtration process has become a must-have feature of online stores. They will likely increase sales by 52% approximately. The %age is big enough for the online stores to implement the filtration process in their store.

The advanced filtering mechanism enables customers to sort through a complex array of product options. In fact, customers who can’t find what they are looking for within a few seconds are more likely to bounce from your site.

If you are a clothing store, advance filters will help users spot a specific color, size, style, and material. The filters can be theme-based, price-based, best-selling, user ratings, and so on. You should put as many specific product attributes as possible as a category filter. It’s a good way to remind your customers that these attributes are crucial to their selection process.


Technically a part of AI, chatbots can be an important weapon for online stores to deliver the next level of shopping experience.  Chatbots not only help in establishing communication but also help in resolving the customer’s issues on multiple platforms, such as Facebook or your online store.

A chatbot is basically a computer program that simulates a conversation with a human user with an intent to furnish some kind of service. Some chatbots are so advanced, it is really hard to distinguish them from chatting with a real human.

A live chatbot will offer your consumers a highly personalized experience. It can effectively guide them down the sales funnel by influencing their purchasing decisions.

In addition to interacting with customers, live chatbots can help you manage and track your inventory, thereby letting you know you are running out of certain best-selling items in your online store. They can also let your customers know that the product they were looking for is back in stock.

More Delivery Options

Another selling point of today’s online sale is the fast delivery of products, convenience and time- frame to stay in the competition. In fact, shipping is one of the key differentiators between many online competitors.

With the exponential boom in the eCommerce sector, online shoppers have demands and needs that they want to be addressed more quickly, which will shape delivery options. Amazon is testing drones for package delivery. An online grocery store is connecting consumers to vendors and merchants in their community, making it more convenient than ever to provide the best delivery of food.

Forward Paths:

eCommerce stores are evolving and emerging as a profitable business. This means that the industry will get bigger and better in the coming years and new technological trends will make it more seamless.

As a growing eCommerce business owner, you need to keep a track of new technologies and find ways to use the ones that best suit your requirements The above strategies will provide a better value to end-users and make your business more successful in 2019 and beyond.

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