ITConnectUS hemmed an IT outsourcing staffing model which can help in maximizing work efficiency by employing skilled manpower. Our motive is to syndicate an optimal blend of onshore and offshore resources with our service-oriented architecture with proven processes and “look ahead” approach to ensure custom software development.

Our customizable IT staffing and global recruitment models are designed to meet the explicit project’s essentials while facilitating your business to realize its limitless potential.

Onsite Consulting

Ideal for projects requiring highly skilled consultants with superior domain experience such as Blockchain, Salesforce, AI and robotics. Our onsite consulting model allows your company to access our expertise in your own office. Your company can attain benefit in the following ways:

  • Onsite team has the ability to meet tough and rigid deadlines
  • Onsite developers have constant availability of support the existing model
  • Direct interaction with the rest of the team and client stakeholders
  • Scalable staff augmentation
  • Able to move across timelines
  • Able to handle the critical and complex projects
  • Open-ended and iterative nature of project scope
  • Well-suited for projects that are highly secured and confidential

Offsite & Offshore Consulting

ITConnectUS offsite consulting model lets you pick either to manage your resources yourself or let us do it for you. Either way, in this model, our consultants work for you from our office. Recommended for projects with well-defined goals and deliverables, our offshore sourcing model optimizes cost while providing state-of-the-art services through our offshore development facilities. The startups and upcoming companies can consider our offshore development to conquer the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Best fit for tightly budgeted projects
  • Consultants work under the company’s supervision but in ITConnectUS offices
  • The expertise access to industry-best resources and skillsets
  • Complete flexibility to scale up or down
  • Full control over project development
  • Cost optimization and progress visibility
  • Business continuity with time advantage (round-the-clock offshore development facility)

The choice of a delivery model can affect the success of the entire project. Let’s figure out the relationship between project success and practices and understand the pain points of project managers. You can consult us for picking the best way to hire software developers, designers, database administrators, and IT software professionals to nourish you in the best possible manner.

Discover the power of digital to develop custom software applications and IT products Using NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY! For collaborations, integration & smooth operations contact us.

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