Machine learning is already a part of new generation technology-driven applications. Machine learning provides massive computing power to run predictive models that fetch details from existing data in order to detect fraud, demand forecasting or ad targeting.  You can create unbeatable and smarter apps using this forecasting solution.

Machine learning offers new power to businesses which include rapid processing, analysis, predictions, etc. Machine Learning has the capability to deliver new products and services by lowering the cost of existing products.

Machine Learning App Development has the power of making any mobile application more responsive and intelligent addressing the needs of users. The language has already reshaped the world quietly.

Machine Learning is the latest technology choice for big giants including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon release products. Many intelligent solutions like Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, and Apple’s Siri is using machine learning language in their core functioning.

Our Services

Algorithm Design

Our expert developers are having an analytical and methodological approach to solve problems while designing or writing effective algorithms. We opt for an appropriate set of technologies to optimize existing algorithms for any given situation.

Data Modelling

We offer a complete data modeling solution right from hypothesizing to the physical implementation of the data model for businesses. We extract detailed requirements related to your business by providing you with a complete solution.

Amazon Machine Learning

At ITConnectUS, we make use of Amazon Machine Learning to deliver visualization tools and wizards that can assist in creating machine learning models without learning complex ML algorithms. It is an easy process to generate the forecasts of applications by using Amazon ML APIs, without implementing custom prediction generation code or managing any infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure cloud-based predictive analysis service using machine learning is quite helpful for conducting the predictive analysis. At ITConnectUS, we are using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning for analytics solutions. Its inbuilt graphical drag and drop interface for connecting preprogrammed components of data science helped us solving many complex issues.

Cognitive Insight

From customer records and transaction logs to geospatial data and social media postings, our machine learning solutions comb through fragmented data to unfold trends and patterns. We resolve complex business problems using cognitive insights in an effective manner

Cognitive Engagement

Our machine learning team augments customer-facing web & mobile apps. Our cognitive specialists have expertise in addressing the customers’ incoming requests and questions about product options and stock availability, billing and account interactions, tech support, escalating to human operators if necessary.

Cognitive Automation

Our machine learning team helps in automating business processes on different levels, from complex trade-offs and decision making about the resources to routine tasks like e-mail sending and form filling.

Data Mining

Using mathematical and statistical techniques, we develop algorithms that analyze raw data sources to determine meaningful correlations & patterns, and support decision-making of business of all sizes.

Natural Language Processing

The experts of our machine learning team deliver advanced solutions by incorporating NLP. NLP helps in discovering semantic information such as entities, concepts, keywords, relations and emotions from human speech and language on social media, and web apps.

Robotic Process Automation

At ITConnectUS, we have a dedicated machine learning development team that creates effective bots. The bots are asked to perform routine rules-based tasks through the user interface, mimicking human interaction with software apps and enabling you to focus on high-level tasks.

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