XOOMATIC is an integrated tool for recruitment and staffing and the perfect blend of VMS, ATS & CRM features.  The software streamlines the hiring process and the candidate’s requirements from search to submission.

Xoomatic deals with daily updates, real-time status, resume management, tracking process, audit and credibility of resumes, reconciliation of invoices, managing timesheet database and providing the suitable candidate. Xoomatic provides a platform for automizing the step by step process of recruiting a candidate by the company.

For an end- to end recruitment solution and vendor management system, we have built a quality software using the latest tools and techniques. Xoomatic is ready to offer custom solutions to the enterprises who have diversified needs.

Xoomatic will find the right people for the right job. It will match skills as per the job posting. On the Xoomatic portal, one can register as a candidate for a specific job profile. The Xoomatic has a separate module which will authenticate and match your profile with the appropriate opening.

We assist companies in finding highly skilled professionals to address the specialized staffing needs of their projects. Our recruiting services have access to widespread openings, identifying and selecting tech talent in various roles. We fill roles such as:

  • Project Leaders and Managers
  • Senior Managers such as Operations Directors
  • Software Developers and Designers
  • Front-end, back-end, Java, Angular, Nodes, JS, PHP, .Net developers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers, including UX/UI geniuses
  • SEO Strategists
  • Digital Marketing Specialists

What Xoomatic has to Offer?

 Xoomatic covers the full recruitment process from the candidate’s submission to the final selection through the contract and workflow planning. We deliver a transparent recruitment process for our clients with reliable timelines and business metrics.

Xoomatic is developed with the aim to establish long- term relationships with our candidates and enterprise clients.

Xoomatic also provides business solutions through its Vendor Management System, Applicant Tracking System & Customer Relationships Management system that automate operations, improve communication, streamline workflow, advanced tracking & improve transparency. Xoomatic’s cloud-based services simplify back-office management solutions as well. Xoomatic stands out because of the unique feature of having individualized modules.

Xoomatic’s module structure allows you to intensely screen your talent before finalizing them for submission to your clients. Unlike other staffing tools, Xoomatic functions on different modules which is key to its screening process for hiring the best talent.

Xoomatic Model Benefits

Boost Productivity – Easily Operating Dashboard to view the latest postings

Enhanced Customer Experience – User-friendly interface and  UI/ UX based design

Value-added Decision Making – Real-time reporting & auditing candidate’s integrity

Xoomatic comprises of below-mentioned modules:

System Admin Module

o             Comprehensive Control

o             Highly Featured Database Modules

o             Ease of Modification

Account Manager Module

o             Position Disclosure to Delivery Manager

o             Configuring Customer’s Requirements

o             Client Relationship Module

Team Lead Module

o             Account Manager & Clients Interaction Module

o             Verifying ideal Offshore/Outsource Recruitment

o             Collate Verified Quality Approved Candidates

Recruiter Module

o             View and Prioritise Assigned Requirements

o             Resume Management

o             Track progress Accessing Reports

Pre-Screening Module

o             Resume Matching with Boolean Search

o             Status Check& Filtration of Fake Profiles

o             Technical Skill and Compatibility Screening

Vendor Management Module

o             Latest Job Listings

o             Profile Submission with Feedback

o             Specific Resume Tracking and Feedback

Business Development Module

o             Lead Generation of new Clients

o             Lead Tracking for Existing Clients

o             CRM & Marketing

Legal and Finance Module

o             Legal Process Initiation of Selected Candidate

o             DocuSign Verification of Resume

o             Automated System for Vendor Management

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