A beer and wine flight contains a sampling of famous beers and wines. It includes bringing the customer a paddle usually carrying slots for 4 to 6 different beers to try. A beer or wine flight will help you select a favorite type of beer or wine. These small samples allow customers to try multiple styles/brands of beer in one sitting and in moderate quantities. The beauty of the beer and wine flight, taste 4 to 6 beers for close to the price of a single pint.


ITConnectUS has always been compassionate for creative work especially to the technology involved creative projects. Hence, we have come up with a ground-breaking idea of offering Digital Beer and Wine Flights. It is called Digital Beer and Wine flights, which gives you a better insight into a beer and way more details than just the color difference between the beers from a flight.

Casual beer lovers generally outlook the product as a basic beverage with varieties that include light or dark beer, which they can drink from a bottle, aluminum can or glass from the bar. However, dedicated beer lovers might want to go ahead and know about the ingredients of the beers on a flight, the company name of different beers, nutrients details of the beers, etc. Most importantly, calories matter to everyone. Our Beer and Wine flight digital device measure the calories in a particular glass of beer or wine which helps people to take drinks in a healthy manner.

What We Do Differently?

Apart from just traditional beer tasting, ITConnectUS digital flights give you the information needed with just some clicks on your mobile phone. Our flight not just brings you the best beers but with much detailed information like beer type, brand name, nutritious values, etc. about them. We understand bars are a place where you would like to socialize and chill.

ITConnectUS fully thinks of adding more thrill to your bar time. You can drink in a relaxed way because the beer flight is going to provide you the beer details and offering to pay by just scanning the flight.

Features of Digital Beer Flights

The two basic features of our digital beer flights include:

Informative – A beer lover would even love it more when he will come to know all the details of his favorite beer or wine. It would be very interesting for him to know the detailed information about the drink he is about to take. Digital Beer Flights scans an NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip to his/her mobile they will get all the interesting facts, information, ingredients, nutritional value and other relevant information on their mobile.

Online Payment –  A handy option for customers as well as vendors. It saves time for both of them. Customer need not carry a wallet or cash handy to pay and can just scan NFC code on his mobile against the beer slot that he needs to pay for. A vendor can keep doing his other chores without being interrupted by payers.

Advantages It Brings

  • Saves time by speedy payment method.
  • Make the socializing more interesting and entertaining.
  • Increase information and knowledge.
  • Increases productivity
  • Enhance sales
  • Generates interest in knowing more about beer and wines

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