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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing


We are in IT staffing with a quick and effective staffing and recruitment Service that incorporates the latest technologies, our US Staffing team helps you find the right talent to help you achieve your business goals.

This Chicago-US based IT staffing company provides full-service recruiting experience with the use of client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for the company’s culture and business demands. At the same time, our streamlined delivery reduces costs associated with recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and training.

Our staffing and recruitment services use internal web-based custom build workflow system for strategizing the complete recruitment process. It simply delivers the best candidates.

Quick Overview of Our Process

  1. Requirements are posted on portal by Account Managers.
  2. Recruiters find candidates on various Job portals.
  3. Candidate under goes through Tele QC (Comm Check), Social media Check (Linked In etc.) & CV Matching as per the requirement. Once found suitable, an interview over Skype can be scheduled.
  4. Skype screening done by IT staffing panel of ITConnectUS.
  5. After initial selection, candidates are submitted to our clients.

Our IT Staffing Company is responsible for delivering all facets of recruiting process till the successful recruitment and staffing.

Our Tasks

  1. Identifies hiring need, develops the position description, Recruitment Plan, organizational chart and other IT recruitment related documents
  2. Administrative duties and recordkeeping
  3. Scheduling interviews over Skype to effectively fasten the hiring process.
  4. Ensures accurate and complete recruitment and selection guidelines and procedures
  5. Calculating the Payroll Management with an efficient calculation of salaries, wage-cuts, reimbursements, and pay slips generations.
  6. Ensure planning, monitoring, and appraisal of the employee, scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counselling employees and supervisors.

Why ITConnecUS for Staffing and Recruitment

  • Flexible Approach: Enjoy working with a virtual team of IT experts that is easy to hire and work with, without any administrative overheads.
  • Open Options: Handpick a team of competent professionals, who are qualified and experienced to perform any task in hand, whenever you want to ramp-up your projects.
  • Cost Savings: Save costs by eliminating the recruitment, human resources, relocation and infrastructural expenses.
  • Increased Productivity: Optimize your business results and get the work done quickly by staffing qualified professionals who are dedicated to your work.
  • Workforce Transparency: Manage your team easily and effectively by receiving regular time sheets and weekly work reports.