An incident can be defined as an event encountered during testing or in a live environment that requires review. They can occur due to some issues in software development, hardware usage or service request errors. All the occurring incidences need to be recorded and fixed in an organized manner. This is when the incident management comes into the picture. Incident management is the process that focuses solely on handling and escalating incidents as they occur to restore defined service levels.

The main goal of incident management is to take user incidents from a reported stage to a closed stage including reporting. Incident management is not part of actually fixing a bug or an error. Incident management basically is a process for logging, recording and resolving the incidents as quickly as possible to restore the business process or service back to normal. Incident management is the overall process starting with logging incidents to resolving them. The formal structures of incident management system include prioritization, categorization, and SLA requirements. Some related terms in Incident management are:

  • Incident Repository : Incident Repository contains fields such as data, expected results, actual result, date and time, the status of incident etc.
  • Severity : The potential impact of the incident will decide their severity. It can be Major, Minor, Fatal or Critical for immediate resolution.
  • Priority:  Depending on the level of severity and influence on the working status of the system. Values can be High, Medium, Low, Very High or Urgent/Immediate.
  • Incident Status : It identifies the current state of a ticket confirming where handling of an incident is at. It can be New, In Progress, Resolved and Closed.


Incident management overall process starts with logging incidents to resolving it. During the life cycle of an incident, it gets addressed is a systematic and effective manner.  In ITIL, incidents go through a structured workflow that encourages efficiency and best results for both providers and customers.

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