Smart Rack Technology provides ease in communication using electrical industries. It is an intuitive, competitive solution to streamline warehouse, DC & logistics and transform stores into a highly efficient click and collect location. SmartRack Technology is bridging the gap between Manual Processes & Full Automation to optimize your infrastructure and enable efficient order fulfillment. Whether your strategy is fulfilling from a DC or using your existing infrastructure to deliver goods the last longer.

ITConnectUS has the highest standards coupled with a continuous drive for ongoing improvement in all areas of the business from product features, design, and IT innovation through to exceptional customer service with the aim to exceed customer expectations. We are confident that our range, service, price, and product features combined will ensure a lower overall cost position when using Rack Technologies product.

We work together with you to understand the unique requirements of every site and collaboratively design your rollout strategy. With every sale, we provide training materials, certified operators program and best practices guidelines to ensure your team achieves your productivity and safety goals.


  • The SmartRack team evaluates the data, send you insights via TXT and email
  • Out-of-stock Push notifications/alerts
  • Planogram customization and recommendations
  • New product information

How Smart Rack Technology Works

SmartRack™ team analyzes data, initiates two-way Insights with store operators. It monitors shelves, assists in automation of shelf replenishment making inventory looking great.

  • Shelf cameras take photos throughout the day
  • SmartRack™ uploads photos into the Cloud
  • Counts triangles to estimate inventory levels
  • Send Emails and Push Notifications to operators when Rack is running out of stock
  • Suggest Course of Action e.g. order more Special K Sea Salt and Cheddar Cracker Chips

The Data That Gets Captured

  • Location, date and time of the stock
  • Pictures of each shelf at specific intervals during the day
  • Recommended Planogram (Product SKU, PAR Levels, Order Quality)
  • Operator contact with communication logs included
  • Distributor name
  • Audience/Foot Traffic
  • Advertisements that are running

Technical Features

  • Daylight spectrum LED lighting – It attracts attention to a busy store environment
  • High-bright digital screen promotes at POS
  • Shelf Cameras – To Take photos throughout the day and upload them to the cloud
  • Logs data – 24/7 logging of data, track data usage, track connection stability
  • Audience monitoring – WIFI audience counting includes Counts of total visitors and unique visits

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