Research and Development

The most successful companies in the world are often determined by one major factor. The amount of importance they give to their Research and Development wing. It is such an integral facet of succeeding that there is a clear relationship between the most successful companies and their R&D budgets. The formula seems to be clear, the greater the research of a company, the more it tends to add to its bottom line. In a world that is increasingly moving towards more digitisation of every field, ITConnectUS gives special importance to R&D with respect to technology.

One needs to ensure that they don’t invest in something that will not sell, to ensure that the product or service is marketed to the correct audience who are going to eventually become potential consumers. ITConnectUS has a team of the best researchers and professional resources to ensure that the entire R&D process for the product or service in question takes place with no issues whatsoever.

Proof of Concept

The proof of concept is one of the most vital details of the research process. It is all the experiments carried out, the research done, and so on to establish the feasibility of the new product in question.

The proof concept is arguably the part of the research that requires the most capital, it takes a deft mind to ensure that funds are not wasted on dead ends. ITConnectUS handles the entire process of establishing a proof of concept, and we do so in a cost-effective manner, with minimal wastage of funds. Identifying target markets for the product, conducting focus groups to test the waters, collecting feedback on the experience from the users, testing the prototypes, and finally creating a roadmap to pitch to investors.

ITConnectUS has a team of some of the most experienced minds that understand even the subtlest nuances of the field. This ensures that the research is thorough and nothing is left unattended, no alley unexplored.

Technology for Research & Innovation: Technology

Technology is the way forward, every business in the world uses technology in some stage of their work. Research shows that companies with access to the best technology in their respective fields tend to be frontrunners in the market. Research and Development in the field of technology pertinent to your industry is the way forward, the way to bring about advancement across the globe. The invention of the printing press is said to have been one of the main reasons for a revolution. Even a small technological advancement that saves 1 hour of time in any stage of the process can make a huge difference to the bottom line of a company. ITConnectUS understands the importance of these technological advancements that prove to be vital to the success of your business which is why we are committed to ensuring that our R&D experts know this.

Outsourcing your companies R&D also helps ensure that the productivity of the entire company can remain unaffected due to the need for a separate R&D wing and staffing it with the best minds available proves to be a heavy expense. Our state of the art resources and expert research team takes all this weight off your chest.

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