Blockchain crypto mining is a verification process that leads to adding coins in blockchain digital ledger. To maintain a ledger, you need a cryptocurrency miner with a computer having specialized hardware.

In crypto-mining, the validation and authorization of crypto coins are essential. Therefore, transactions are stored in blocks, linked together which are responsible for constructing Blockchain. The complex mathematical equations are used in the algorithms that will mine crypto coins.

As a mining company, we solve these algorithms and complex equations with the benefit of being rewarded by the clients. Their reward, however, comes in the form of cryptocurrency, i.e the cryptocurrency transaction they are validating. This process of getting cryptocurrency has been preferred for trading because it is almost stressless and profitable

Blockchain technology is empowering the online investors and developers to become part of the financial revolution that will change the ways we conduct trade activities. Our services are secure and authenticated and meet industrial standards.

Crypto Mining Types

At present, there are many types of crypto coins and there are several ways to mine them. At ITConnectUS, we provide three types of crypto mining:

Bitcoin Mining

We cater to BTC and BCH mining with a high- degree accuracy level. Our BitCoin mining services are accessible at affordable prices.

Bitcoin Cash Mining

For the solid profitability of the clients and the ease to make more transactions per block, we deliver Bitcoin Cash Mining services using the SHA-256 hash function that supports ASIC hardware.

Cloud Mining

Our cloud mining services let the clients get free from the hassles of having their own hardware and software setup required for mining the crypto coins. With smart contracts, we make use of Cloud Mining to attain 100% secure service with guaranteed uptime.

Dash Mining

To increase the profitability and error-free installation of Dash Blocks, we provide easy access to two-tier dash architecture. We ensure smooth transaction of Dash coins by giving access to valuable Dash network at a reasonable cost.

Hardware Mining

We help big companies to build their own ASIC hardware setup. It will provide greater benefits to them in terms of building a customized service.

Ethereum Classic Mining

We have achieved expertise in implementing the Ethereum Classic ecosystem  We allow clients to accumulate the data from the different types of blocks.

Ethereum Mining

Our Ethereum Mining services are designed to resolve all the complex issues.  We help in achieving a better ROI by providing the best mining processes.

Litecoin Mining

Our Litecoin services offer a holy grail of faster coin mining. We maintain processing power using both, SHA-256 algorithm and Scrypt algorithm.

Zcash Mining

ITConnectUS provides the setup for Zcash mining at the zero over cost, Zcash mining through CPU and GPU miners is efficiently done for the clients.


We are providing profitable mining services where you can instantly manage the mining of crypto coins of any type. Maintaining the blockchain ledger becomes easy if the mining process is accurately done. Some of the benefits, we provide are:

100% secure

Since personal security plays a vital role in maintaining the personal digital wallets which carry the information regarding the crypto coins, we offer safe contracts. These contracts can be easily operatable with a single click.

Withdrawal rules

The clients are provided with the facility of withdrawal from the digital wallets anytime. In cryptocurrency, you have the freedom to buy any king of wallet by defining your methods of access.

A single Wallet

We allow our clients to monitor and track their cryptocurrency revenue in real-time from your personal wallet. The clients can view transaction history and manage withdrawals.

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We make use of the “Plug & Mine” machine for our clients to make their transactions smooth. Also, we provide them access to their customized wallets that can be linked to ledgers.


Our crypto coin hosting services allow clients to improve their profitability without constraints. The clients can save electricity by taking our hosting services.


Our Masternodes are already active and waiting for you. You can pay in any type of currency format.  Our Masternodes are efficient enough to make the conversions.

Why choose us?

ITconnectUS provides Blockchain crypto mining services to its clients so that the mining process is efficiently done. We also provide consultancy to incorporate Blockchain technology into its corporate model and workflow. We help them create digital wallets and create the setup for crypto mining. Some of the advantages of taking our services are :

  • An elite team of profession blockchain ledger developers
  • Cost-effective and time-framed, secure mining techniques
  • Flexible engagement models for al types of crypto coins
  • Transparent solutions to maintain wallets
  • Fast and agile development adopted

Discover the power of digital to develop custom software applications and IT products Using NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY! For collaborations, integration & smooth operations contact us.

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