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Services we offer that aid Healthcare

The world is facing a crisis the likes of which it has never seen before. The crisis, a pandemic that has no end in sight in the near future has rattled the world. Even with economies of most countries facing dark times ahead, we can still say that one industry takes limelight at this point in time, healthcare. Healthcare professionals around the world have become messiahs, their services have become the most valued overnight. ITConnectUS recognizes these efforts, and our goal is to lighten their load our array of innovation-driven services. Efficient services and cushions to understaffed hospitals is a necessity, the need of the hour. Making sure accurate reporting, appropriate certification, transport and similar aspects of any medical process are all taking place smoothly is essential in his war against the virus. We aim to help, assist and improve the situation with the array of healthcare services we have on offer.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Software and Additional Services

We have an array of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) services that ease the process of processing data at the hospital level and higher. Reviewing documents and the documentation process itself is a major part of the healthcare sectors administrative responsibility. In the time of Coronavirus, it becomes essential to the hospitals to maintain accurate records. Our services are all guided by highly-skilled, experienced and well trained medical professionals. Affordable services with excellent ROI that come with many benefits.

Medical Transcriptions

Transcription and record maintenance at any large organisation can prove to be cumbersome. Handling large volumes of transcriptions and submitting charts in your systems and later running analytics for the same becomes a gargantuan task. The best step is to then outsource this to an external provider. Our services are available to Hospitals, Clinics, and Ancillary care facilities. Medical health care professionals working at our company can petition the services of a medical transcriptionist accurately thanks to their experience. We have a professional medical transcription team developed to ensure maximum efficiency.  Our medical transcriptionists are –

  • Client Account Managers
  • Quality Associates
  • Proof-readers or Editors
  • Tier-1 Transcriptionists

Among the many additional services, we deliver high precision discharge summaries, transcription services, radiology transcription services, emergency services, HL7 transcription services, medical chart review, summarization and annotation and general hospital transcription services. We realise that the current situation calls for an efficient data collection system. Keeping track of patients will greatly help analytics and statistics to function properly to help identify trends in the spread of the virus.

Medical Scribe

Time is one of the most valuable resources one has in times of strife. Acting too late and giving importance to the wrong aspects or not giving enough to the right ones can have devastating consequences. Patients are the customers of the hospital and it is important to ensure their satisfaction. The need to ensure that we can increase the rate at which you can see patients in our goal with our scribe services. Our HIPAA-secure facility has scribes that are trained to save you time, and improve the hospital’s efficiency to provide patient care, the end result is that one can see more patients daily.

At ITConnectUS we consider it a responsibility to lighten the load on the healthcare system with our services. The demand for clinicians increases with each day we move forward, they are an integral part of social well being. Digitization has been a boon but is not devoid of it’ share of complications, Electronic Medical Records have also done their part in increasing the burden of a healthcare professional. This has for sure dampened the joy of practising medicine for a majority of our healthcare professionals. This is bound to cause an eventual burnout and greatly diminish the quality of patient care. We provide a cost-effective solution to the providers and increase the quality of patient care and in most cases can increase revenue for the practice and the provider.

Virtual Health Record Management

Virtual health record management is a service that has revolutionized the way we provide healthcare. From making it easier to avail facilities from the comfort of one’s home to the remotest of villages having access to second opinions from leading doctors in their respective fields. The digitization of the same increases practice efficiencies and proves to be cost-effective. It improves the accuracy of diagnosing patients and assessing the outcomes of their health. Improving the comfort, convenience and access of the patient to the patient. Increases the patient’s interaction and participation. This increases the physician’s ability to make a well-informed decision in the situation and improves the accuracy of the diagnosis. They can offer treatment with knowledge of the patient’s history all at the click of a button safely and with minimal delay.

 Business Transcription Software & Services

The schedule can be as complex as it gets, ITConnectUS has created the perfect system that delivers highly accurate transcriptions that meet your schedule and your budget. Transcriptions of board meetings, conventions that go on for days, all of it is subject to scrutiny at some point in time and the process of transcribing it can prove to be an extremely time consuming process. The time that could be used in other situations may be helping a patient or, hence we deliver quick and accurate business transcription services with a pricing plan that is one of the best in the market when taking into consideration

General Transcription Software & Services

As we provide transcription services in different areas, providing general transcription services are one of our core strength. By managing the core data management tasks, and minimize file backlogs, we spend more time concentrating on enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Inventory Reports Transcription Software & Services

Accurate inventory transcription can be a game-changing scenario for many industrial verticals. Inventory reports like check-in, check-out, and interim reports must be accurate and time-bound.  We provide third-party services that can help save on precious man-hours and other resources, allowing you to channel these into your core competencies. At ITConnectUS, we offer detailed reports that are concise, accurate and easy to read.

Data Entry and Processing Services for Medical Industries

Data entry and processing pull specific information from a source, process information and present it in an easily accessible, digital format. This holds a great advantage for maintaining medical records. At ITConnectUS, we manage information in an efficient manner, so that you can take strategic and critical decisions.

These are just a few of the many services we offer. The world of healthcare will never be the same when the dust of this pandemic settles the pitfalls in various medical institutions will be out in the open. Here at ITConnectUS, we want to help aid in all ways that we can. Our services are all curated with the understanding that we are working towards creating a place where healthcare can get some respite from its many administrative responsibilities by outsourcing it to responsible and experienced companies. Our aim is to optimise their time and ensure that none of it is wasted because we know that even one second of a doctors time can determine whether a patient survives or not.


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