ITConnectUS work with the banking industry with keeping their focus on enterprise strategy and performance improvement programs. We give personal adviser to multiple banks all around the US and driven many bank-wide transformation programs and new business launches.


Basic Banking Service Solutions

We lead core banking transformations and provide innovative banking solution to help banks reduce security risk, enhance growth and accomplish long-lasting benefits ITConnectUS core banking services offer complete solutions and services to assist banks in recovering their fundamental banking strength and help them stay ready upcoming digital changes.

  • Optimization of Business Processes – To deliver a superior customer experience we provide personal and professional banking industry insights. We help banking industry in optimizing and transforming their existing banking models for better streamlined and automated banking services.
  • Core Banking Digital Platforms – We focus on shaping a bank’s outdated operations and technology bring digitization. We provide programs that give banks oversight to their current process and enhance the core. It helps banks to excel in the digital economy by transforming their business model to speed, agility and innovation.
  • Banking as a Service – We help small to mid-size banks in making artificial operational efficiency in Anti-Money Laundering Payment Monitoring analytics by providing access to a shared service utility.
  • Talent & Business – By offering a comprehensive, data-driven approach to banking workforce needs and align them with business goals to radically improve organization growth It helps clients to create and manage the workforce of the future.  

Credit Consultancy Services

ITConnectUS provide credit consultancy to help lenders in transforming their business operations by driving lucrative growth, differentiated customer experience and operational efficiency.

Special services:

  • Finestra
  • Digital Mortgage
  • nCino
  • Business Model Strategy
  • IT Transformation
  • Credit Automation by Virtual Personnel Transformation

Our credit consulting services and operating capabilities are appreciated by commercial, residential and lending institutions across the globe. Our in-depth industry domain expertise, management and technology consulting services help clients to face new industry challenges and risks to achieve sustainable success.

IT solution to credit service industry

By helping commercial credit and consumer lending institutions we help them overcome increasing digital industry challenges and risks to make them become high-performing lending organizations. ITConnectUS credit services is a renowned brand providing business process outsourcing services to individuals and commercial institutions. We possess proven and unmatched capabilities that help lenders transform their operations and aim for high performance. Our in-depth credit domain capabilities and large-scale processing expertise help credit industry in lifting substantial pressures on their operations as well as a number of disruptive external market and regulatory forces.

  • A complete range of IT services – ITConnectUS provides a complete set of capabilities in technology, consulting and processing. Our clients take on the challenges face by the credit
  • Developed credit practice – We use an elastic business model based on manufacturing processes that provide cost efficiency, high quality and a great customer experience.
  • Profound credit domain knowledge – We work with hundreds of key credit institutions helping to re-define processes, workforce strategies, deploy better technology and modernize operations.

Technology Solutions to payment industry

We leading payments innovation by helping banks, lenders and other payment providers across the payments value chain.

Specific Payment Services:

  • Issuing Cards – Providing support in areas like strategy and product development, risk management, fraud mitigation and digitization to credit card issuers and partners.
  • Payment Receiving – For payments acceptance clients to compete effectively we support the product, operations, strategy and technological advancement.
  • Retail Bank Expenditures – Redesigning payments and delivery models for real-time payments and mobile applications for banks, customer and stakeholders.
  • Corporate Payments – Provide global solution in delivery, strategy automation, and operation to financial institutions.
  • Commercial Card & B2B – In order to make stakeholders realize hidden potential of B2B payments we helping card issuers and B2B stakeholders.
  • Strategically Innovative Solutions – Design and develop digital and mobile app payment solutions to aid commerce, enhanced customer experience and protect his data.

ITConnectUS payments solutions help banks, lenders and other key players across the payments value chain develop and succeed. Technology developments and new enhancement in the user experience are among the trends impacting the banking and finance industry and payments market. Leaders of the banking industry will have to make decisions that put the growth on progressiveness.

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