The retail market is struggling at the moment but it can be saved. Brands need to clearly define their purpose. They need to find some serious answers for questions like what role they play in consumers’ life. Today world is interconnected by the internet and everything can be bought or sold online anywhere anytime. The intense competition making retails to rethink their role and purpose which is not just to deliver products. Rather, they need to come up with unique ways to sustain in the technology-driven retail sector. Retail is no longer a usual business. Consumers continue to be smart with their requirements and so does retail needs to be. They need to find new methods to connect with consumers, to be more personalized with them, give them meaningful and relevant products. Near and dear ones affect consumers buying the ability to a very large extent. Celebrities also are a great influence on customer’s buying behavior. Understanding consumers’ purpose is going to play the key role for retailers.


Engaging customer – Today, people prefer online shopping and they can buy anywhere from anywhere. Selling something is no longer enough, retail has to develop experiences to engage customers.

  • Use of sensors can help in tracking shoppers’ behavior for retail to leverage their behavior.
  • The brand needs to come up themselves to speak with the customer. They need to be available anywhere and anytime.
  • Retail need to fulfil customers’ desires at the moment using on-demand services features

Retail work organization –Retails currently using tools and ways that no longer interests people. They need to perform better and bring in discreet and strong purpose to their customer values.

  • Dynamic serve strategy forced by multiple touch points
  • Flexible and low-priced
  • Few but big stores

Data analytics as an option – To be a leader in the retail industry, firms have to be more agile and swift with their operations. Implementing latest technologies like real-time data analytics is the key to survival in changing and up-skilled retail sector

  • The on-demand product, services and experience availability
  • Build trust with a customer with a positive experience in order to increase purchasing


Experience and Engagement – With increased personalized experience, retailers can improve intimacy with the customer and drive more traffic and purchase across all channels.

Technology Integration – Upgrade IT landscape of your firm to cut-down cost while at the same time accelerating funds in new digital technologies to enhance value.

Stay Proactive in a Competitive Market – New digital technologies, increased customer expectations, and better transparency are disrupting traditional bases of competitiveness. Retailers need to stay advance and become agile in constantly changing the environment.

Supply Chain – Retails needs to transform its core. Merchandising and supply chain functions to improve value by investing in new technology and artificial intelligence.


The future of the retail sector is going to be transparent and it will influence the ways stores operate. Data analytics give us an opening to retail market performance to analyze customer acquisition costs and, track social media influence. This can only mean to retails to strictly change methods to compete in the market.

Fulfil Customer Demand – Retails firms need to deliver the right offer that appeals to clients and interests clients’ needs, style and geography.

Availability – Availability of a retails today matter most. They need to interact with their consumers on social media, online, offline for communication with their customers.

Cooperation – Rivals or competitors need to join hands and forces in order to incubate increasing demands by customers. Partners need to co-develop platforms to detect and analyze information that helps in extending their reach to customers.

Ready to go Workforce – Retails needs access to resources and workforce to leverage special skill sets either freelancers or independent contractors.

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