ITConnectUS is dedicated to bringing next-generation public service. We are leading technology, insights and innovative solutions to assist public service sector in delivering better and greater outcomes for societies and at a personal level in digital-driven Leading insights and innovative solutions help public service leaders deliver better results for individuals, families and societies in a digital age. Emerging technologies are gaining momentum in public service sector. They may adopt different patterns specific to the sector but the goal is same.


  • Latest emerging technologies and digital platforms are responsible for transforming entire Public Service industry.
  • Pension and retirement systems have become hot topics.
  • Transforming back-office can release resources to focus on value-added activities
  • Change is being introduced the way Public Services work and deliver new outcomes
  • Agile and responsive to operating obsolete tools and approaches and shifting to new involving tools and techniques.


Administration – ITConnectUS business transformation skill-kit with its proven process helping Public Service in:

  • Bringing its back office to front
  • Advance organizational harmony on a firm’s exclusive transformation journey
  • Analyze opportunities for newest digital innovations
  • Become the core of digitalization and revolution

Cities – Artificial Intelligence is transforming the methods we get and analyses data to influence anything related to public safety, traffic & parking management, law enforcement and city services.  Citizens now demanding instant services, rapid answers to their queries and continuous availability of functionality. People now expect public service to be more customer-focused, flexible and receptive. AI and ML are helping agencies with demand meeting and improved services while keeping the expenses low.

Education – Education nowadays putting a lot of pressure with its increasing operating costs, grinding down funds and competition from non-customary educational institutes. Moreover, student along with parents and taxpayers are concerned with increasing cost of education. To tackle this situation, institutes must develop a new strategy to achieve sustainability, cut down administration cost, attract more students, increases the quality of service, enhancing the efficiency of running programs and optimize revenue generations opportunities.

ITConnectUS can team up with educational institutions across the world to design and implement unique strategies and digital solutions to boost efficiency and performance. With intense knowledge and experience of industry challenges, cutting-edge technology partners, we understand the limitations of the education sector is operating. We apply our full depth of capabilities and approaches to assist institutions to improve their operations and delivery in unparalleled and unique ways.

Social Service – ITConnectUS blends policy and corporate insights with innovative digital technology solutions to aid social services agencies to determine the be-fitting level of profits, manage outcomes being delivered to families and apply suitable guidelines to populations. Social services agencies need to supply effective, efficient and speedy solutions for quality services and maximizing taxpayer money.

We help public service agencies combine quality services, complete usage of limited resources and, modernizing technology to improve services and reducing expenses. Top public services organizations know that it is about simplifying and restoring service delivery to anticipate payee and family needs.The vital part is to address the difficult situation of families and folks receiving benefits. Success can be achieved by taking advantage of the modern technologies and necessary organizational change like eligibility determination over case management.

ITConnectUS works with public services to answer all the raised questions and concerns which helps them empower services and betterment of living standards.

Pensions – Public Service sector needs to analyze public and private employees to figure out their awareness about their pension and retirement plans. Everyone values their pension benefits along with their healthcare benefits. People might not be as ready for their retirement the much they think they are. Digital retirement services such as coaching are rising. Organization across all industries are under threat of increasing number of cyber-attacks and seeking better ways to protect their data, infrastructure, employee and status to provide secure retirement plans to the public. Pension agencies are facing the same threats.

Public Safety – Public safety agencies are finding themselves as the focus of a digital revolution that will disrupt every aspect of their processes. In order to emerge stronger and lead public safety, they must fast-track digital inventions.

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