Video games, an industry that started in 1970 with ‘Pong’, a circle volleyed between two lines across a monitor is today a $39 billion industry.  The world of gaming has never stopped growing since it’s conception. Gaming is not restricted to a particular age group, making, all one needs is access to a pc, a console, or even a phone. ITConnectUS is now bringing its trademark affluence and innovation to the world of gaming. With the digitization of a major population across the globe the demand for new games is perennial and we seek to quench this thirst with our high-quality game development wing.


The games developed at ITConnectUS are designed to work specifically on 3 major platforms, Facebook, phones, PC and online portals. This ensures that one can access the games no matter what technology they have access to.

2D Games

ITConnectUS can develop high-quality 2D games made for Facebook, phones and online playing. The primary focus will be on creating Casino Slot games that will give the user endless hours of entertainment with its gameplay that will be an ode to old school casino games. The development of all these slot games will be for both IOS and Android. The games in this genre will seek to provide hours of pleasure to the user at little to no RAM requirement or internet connectivity in most cases.

3D Games

Gaming has become increasingly more immersive, 3D gaming is one of the most popular types of games played across the world.  The platforms ITConnectUS can develop 3D games for PC, Online real-time playing and phone. The primary genres we make games for are action-adventure under which we have RTS: Real-Time Strategy, MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Role-Playing Games. We aim to create games with some of the most immersive gameplay and some of the most epic storylines ever created. The games will be available to play on PC, phone and online servers depending on the feasibility of the games. Most PC games will be of the highest quality and will hence require high RAM and graphic requirements.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming PC’s and laptops tend to be extremely expensive, a heavy price to pay for hugher frame rates and smooth gameplay. For the gamers that choose buy dedicated gaming consoles to have a more active uninterrupted gaming experience that does not require pesky updates every third day, we have an epic line of games for consoles. Most of the games we develop will also have a version that will be compatible with major gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox, Wii etc. We will also have games dedicated specifically to these consoles. Our games will seek to exploit all the unique features that the respective consoles have on offer, right from motion sensing joysticks to microphone enables gameplay to give the user an experience that provides maximum enjoyment when playing.

Augmented Reality Games

We also develop Augmented Reality (AR) games that transport you to a different world, taking immersive gameplay to an all-new level. The prospect of using your environment and creating a playing field within it is sure to revolutionise the gaming industry. We seek to take this pathbreaking technology that manipulates your reality and bring our trademark innovative technology to make the experience that much more enjoyable. Here at ITConnectUS, we hope to create games that will parallel Pokemon Go in terms of immersive gameplay. AR games can be played on smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems.

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