The automotive and industrial sector is witnessing the most important change since the industrialization of automotive manufacturing. Digital Innovation has revolutionized the automotive sector. ITConnectUS upgrading the business model of current automotive industries by redefining the role and features of vehicles by bringing latest technologies and services. We are surprising the automotive industry by driving the success.


Artificial Intelligence capturing the market with new User Experience – The emerging technology and innovations are swiftly transforming the experience to drive a vehicle like cars. Automakers are becoming aware to focus less on performance and more on comfort, capacity, design, looks, features and high-tech experience. This can be achieved by implementing AI as a critical component while creating a personalized experience for demanding consumer marker.The ecosystem is more than a platform – In order to fulfil the on growing demand of vast customer base, a speedy development is very critical for automotive companies. To tackle the issue of demand, companies have to take a break from developing sophisticated capabilities in-house but have to engage small automotive companies, startups, universities, R&D firms etc. to speed up the delivery process. Major automotive competitors are collaborating to shape up the future and purring forward example of impeccable designs and services. Market offer choices to source the right workforce – Nowadays companies are exploring on-demand and online workforce management platforms. This non-traditional way of workforce hierarchies offering speedy digital development and more fluid personnel. The market is full of talented people. The automaker needs new skillset from talent marketplaces to keep up with increasing market needs and demands.Innovative designs encourage new behaviour – Consumers have become intelligent today and look for innovative designs that satisfy their growing needs. Automotive companies are producing such designs which serve plenty of services to foster the customer’s behaviour. For example, a car is no longer just a car for the customer; it will be a mobile office, an entertainment centre and, a place to connect with people. Today’s technology is adapting to people and individual human behaviour.Unexplored being explored to discover and set new standards – New automotive industry specials are connected and autonomous vehicles. Automakers are playing by their own rule and term. The pace automotive and industrial sector is changing, legislation is left behind. There are no new standards for innovative auto machines to follow. However, the automotive marker players are leading to set new standards and will find a top-notch position in future.

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