XOOMATIC is a perfect blend of VMS, ATS & CMR features. A one-stop solution for all your recruitment, sales and operations need. It is a software that streamlines your hiring process and candidate management requirements from search to submission. Xoomatic also works as a candidate management tool which aides its consumers in streamlining their recruitment process. Xoomatic is highly configurable with real-time status updates. Xoomatic helps you perform various tasks including assigning a requirement, manage resumes, track progress, audit the credibility of submitted resumes, reconciliation of invoices, manage timesheet database and give a quick view of candidate’s profile.Xoomatic’s automatic data capturing feature and candidate insight reporting helps companies engage candidates, triumph customers and increase productivity.

Xoomatic also provides business solutions through its Vendor Management System, Applicant Tracking System & Customer Relationships Management system that automate operations, improve communication, streamline workflow, advanced tracking & boost transparency. Xoomatic’s cloud-based services simplify back-office management solutions as well. Xoomatic stands out because of the unique feature of having individualized modules. Xoomatic’s module structure allows you to intensely screen your talent before finalizing them for submission to your clients. Unlike other staffing tools, Xoomatic functions on different modules which is key to its screening process for hiring the best talent.


  • Boost Productivity – Streamline daily activities all in one place
  • Better Customer Experience – User-friendly interface and design
  • Improved Decision Making – Real-time reporting & auditing candidate’s integrity



  • Super Admin
  • Account Manager
  • USDM
  • Recruiter
  • QC Analysts
  • Vendor Manager
  • Client
  • Consultant
  • Legal
  • Vendor


SUPER ADMIN – It gives the highest level of authority to a user. An admin can control all the other modules – QC, Recruiter etc. and can make necessary changes to the structure if needed.


  • Dashboard Reporting gives you access to all leads, open requirements, activities of Account Managers, Vendors, USDMs, Recruiters, BDMs etc.
  • Access to the local database of genuine candidates.
  • Access to daily activity report gives you the ability to stay up-to-date with the employees’ performance and any issues.
  • You can create, modify and delete a new user – AM, USDM, Recruiter, Vendor, QC etc.
  • Super admin gives you right to change passwords and lock/unlock accounts.

ACCOUNT MANAGER – It grants specific rights and features that an account manager requires for his daily tasks. An account manager run reports, create requirements and, assign jobs to the recruiters through the module.


  • Xoomatic features customized reporting for AMs for better tracking of performance and activities.
  • Capacity to import and export report data to XML, CSV and other formats.
  • It gives a platform to AMs to liaise with clients to discuss candidate requirements and CTCs.

USDM – Recruiters report to USDMs, who assist recruiters in searching candidates and their initial screening. They also stay in direct contact with AMs for an upcoming opportunity. USDM does an initial and basic background check for quality.


  • Ability to keep a history of candidates in a database for upcoming opportunities, request and requirements.
  • Follow-ups, reminders and status tell you the whereabouts of a requirement during its life cycle.
  • Access to buffer database and dump profiles.

RECRUITER – It is designed for recruiters with vital features to assist them in finding the right candidate for a given requirement.


  • The Xoomatic local database gives you details of thousands of genuine candidates.
  • Our team of recruiters has access to the best job portal available to find the right candidate quickly.
  • Recruiter accounts do the submission of the candidates in the Xoomatic.

QC ANALYSTS – Quality Assurance plays a major role in any industry. This module is specifically for Quality Check, a QC can use its features to make sure that the best and elite talent has been selected. QC processes quality check through Skype or telephonic interviews and document verification.


  • Shortlisting and screening of the candidates.
  • Quality control on basis of their CVs, interview, documents verification etc.
  • QC modules bring the transparency to the overall recruitment process.

VENDOR MANAGEMENT – It points out to the payments that are made to the different vendors in reference to their approved invoice and timesheets. It also lets you manage the various expenses a client or vendor has spent on a respective consultant. The expenses might include travel time, hotel stay invoices etc.


  • Dashboard reporting
  • Access to a vast database of verified candidate profiles
  • Create new requisitions

LEGAL & FINANCE – It deals with the MSA (Master Signed Agreement), SOW (Statement of Work and Timesheets) on both the ends – Vendor and Clients whereas Finance Module supports the receivable and delivery of payments.


  • Add projects & consultants
  • Create & manage timesheets
  • Get access to all the expenses
  • Create & manage invoices
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