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Our Human Resource Portal

Xoomatic is a Recruitment and Staffing Portal which is dedicated to help IT staffing industry hunt down the elite talent. A staffing software solution that is fully integrated into the front office, back office, social networking, job boards, email, auto-phone dialing and, text messaging to save a tremendous amount of resources. It significantly improves communication among clients, candidates, customers and internal employees.

Xoomatic is putting forth an impeccable piece of technology which helps IT industries to examine their staffing and recruitment to pick the top-notch talent out in the world by making proper use of it. It acts as a central terminal for multiple departments while helping organizations gain clarity into every phase of the staffing firm.

It is quite a complex software having various modules running with different URLs. All the modules provide different functionalities for a different level of users.

The Modules

  • Super Admin
  • Account Manager
  • USDM
  • Recruiter
  • QC Analysts
  • BDM
  • Client
  • Consultant
  • Legal
  • Vendor

It underpins both administration and staff-driven apparatus and having tweaked highlights at very reasonable cost. This administration is profoundly magnificent, which can work by a solitary snap, clear and firm date understanding. It possesses an exceptionally refined outlined pictorial portrayal for clear examination of day by day, week after week to month after month group exercises to screen and investigation.

A Vendor Management System like Xoomatic helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates. Be it a local, regional or national talent; it provides resource assistance targeting underutilized and underrepresented talent. Job portals make the recruitment process, simple and speedy.  A recruiter can easily and quickly screen out job seekers with specific qualification and experience, contact them, interview them and if found suitable, close the vacancy with the right candidate.

Xoomatic as Staffing Software

This is a flexible and automated software that allows staffing agencies to run the entire recruitment process efficiently by searching top talents and manage back-office functions in one tool.

By using this tool, staffing executives can perform the following (but not limited to):

• Parse job details
• Sort and respond to inquiries
• Create candidate presentations
• Use skill rating capabilities

Xoomatic as Recruitment Software

Although somewhat different and similar in many ways, a recruiting tool is an intuitive automation software that helps the recruitment firms in the process of finding right candidates. Any industry can use it to find the right staff for their organization.

By using this tool, recruitment executives can perform the following (but not limited to):

• Find the best talent
• Engage candidates
• Place qualified candidates and hire the best of the best
• Quantify and track results

Xoomatic Features

  • Significantly reduction in hiring costs
  • Help you hire elite talent quickly AND at scale
  • User-friendly design helps in smoother processing
  • Enhanced searched coverage as we have access to all the major job portals
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Proven internal quality check process
  • Highly configurable software
  • Real-time status updates
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Avoid multiple screen navigation for input and output
  • Précised and detailed summary of reports and timesheets
  • Data centre servers keep your data safe and accessible all the time
  • Scalable architecture
  • Robust technical infrastructure