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Our Utilities

Utilities - How We Help

What we do

ITConnectUS transforming the Utility industry. Helping electricity, gas and water companies stay head to head with technologies in this digital era. We bring to the table in-depth knowledge, creating minds with amazing skill sets, world-class resources and emerging technologies.

Generating Power and Energy

Our in-depth industry experience and service suits can help transform operations of power generation companies. ITConnectUS can help you achieve profitability, cost optimization and increased efficiency of your power plants.

  • Delivery and Distribution

    We introduce innovative business solutions to set up future of electricity, gas and water network. Our team of experts consultants help utilities increase asset performance, reduce costs and, boost network operations

    Benefits our services provide:

    • Enhanced incorporation of DER
    • Amplified asset performance,
    • Increased reliability and resiliency
    • Operation and maintenance cost reduction
    • Enhanced firewall safety to cybersecurity threats
    • Improved productivity of field workers
    • Better outage management and restoration
    • modernize asset strategy and investment planning

    How we do it

    • Digital and mobile asset management
    • Capital program management
    • Latest Metering Operations with Smart meter data management
    • Smart meter and network deployment

    The retail world and serving customers

    We help utility companies to improve their retail business and customer care with our deep understanding of the industry and expert consultancy and solutions. We help companies unlock business values by providing skilful guidance regarding digital customer engagement, interconnected energy management services and customer support solutions and bring customer satisfaction.

Benefits our services provide:

  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced personnel work efficiency
  • Increased assets and resources utilization with enhanced performance
  • Improved reliability of tools

Management functionalities for enterprises

ITConnectUS helps your integrate digital innovation and capabilities and transform your company’s corporate functions including procurement management, finance management, personnel management, accounts management.

Benefits our services provide:

  • Accelerates company-wide value and performance
  • Boosts better decision making and planning
  • Increases capability for recruitment and management
  • Improve financial projecting
  • Enhanced attaining efficiency
  • Operation cost reduction

Benefits our services provide:

  • Reduction in cost of serving a customer
  • Better and unbroken digital customer experience
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Innovative customer support solutions
  • Better and speedy marketing solutions for product and services
  • Improved revenue models