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The Pandemic has Changed Global Staffing Overnight, Here’s How

September 11, 2020by admin0

The world is facing instability in all sectors amid coronavirus, and global staffing is no different. How much have the global staffing services changed its methodology in this global health crisis and how can talent acquisition recover after all this is over? As COVID-19 continues sweeping the nation and the globe, companies are searching for ways to remain productive in the face of unparalleled challenges. Managing personnel practises, rising or reducing headcount and retaining workloads has become a remote mechanism for many companies as they look to protect their employees, their clients and the public.


The pandemic has changed a broad workforce market in ways that we had not expected. CDC and WHO recommended social distancing initiatives have made remote work the new standard for organisations. Employees turn living rooms into workspaces and also handle children and personal responsibilities simultaneously. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way many companies operate. “The fallout will fundamentally change recruiting and hiring practices long after the pandemic has passed,” says Jack Whatley, a recruiting strategist. Coping with these changes can be tough, ITConnectUS is a place you can lean on, with solutions that are comprehensive and pocket-friendly.


How has the Pandemic Affected Recruiting?

1. Job Interviews Cannot Be Handled Face-to-Face

Businesses all over the world are planning for their workers to operate remotely from home. The purpose is to avoid unwanted contact between travel and face to face. But you can’t do work interviews in the workplace either.

2. Onboarding New Employees Must Happen Remotely

We are living in exceptional times but we still have new workers starting from the businesses that we need to embark on. Providing a great onboarding experience without a face-to-face meeting or a tour at the office is not that easy.

3. Layoffs, Fewer Available Positions, and More Open Applications

Layoffs lead to the insecurity of more people which is a very sad circumstance. And there will be more work requests and applicants. When businesses offer fewer vacancies, applicants may start submitting more open applications.

4.People Will Be Less Open to Changing Jobs

Candidates can become harder to the source. If a person has a full-time contract with their current employer, they’ll decline their willingness to alter. Throughout the crisis, people would prioritise security over uncertainty. At the same time, those top talents who fear future layoffs from their current employers may now be more open to new career opportunities.

So How Does One Cope?

1.Utilize Live Video Interviews or Recorded Video Interviews

You have two options: live your interviews online, or use video interviews captured. You may perform live interviews with Skype, Zoom or other video calling platforms. On the other hand, recorded interviews are a mixture of pre-recorded questions generated by the recruiter, and responses submitted by work applicants. We can help you with both options.

2.Engage New Employees with Online Pre-Onboarding Processes

You may create an online pre-onboarding process for your new hires, instead of doing the onboarding at the office. Gather the documents that you will usually hand over to the employee on their first day of work and digitize them. The kit may include a handbook about organisational culture, team images, or questionnaires for ordering work equipment. Curating such equipment can often be a highly esoteric process, ITConnectUS offers excellent services that ensure you don’t have to worry as much when recovering from the pandemic.

3.Make Your Recruitment Process More Efficient

The use of email or old-fashioned recruiting tools in the recruitment process is never a wise idea. During this crisis, it is more important than ever to have modern recruiting software to assist you in sorting out the growing number of applications and keeping a major employer brand running. People take how you treat them very personally. Which is why we at ITConnectUS have excellent HR services and Staffing services that create a conducive ecosystem of intra-organizational communication that makes recruiting infinitesimally simpler.

4.Utilize a Recruitment Service

Trustworthy recruitment services and Staffing companies have experience and exhaustive resources that they can utilize effectively to help you cope with the pandemic. ITConnectUS offers excellent staffing services that cope with new challenges presented to companies when it comes to talent acquisition, contact us for all your staffing needs.



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