Temp-I- Humidity & Temperature Identifier


Temperature and Humidity plays an important part in every industrial production process. A product’s potential performance varies with temperature and humidity around it. Be it food industry, health, defense, security, aerospace or any other, almost every industry now require monitoring and, in most cases, controlling the environment around production or storage blocks.

It is very complex to measure humidity as compared to temperature or pressure. Currently, adjusting temperature is a manual process. People are hired to keep a check on the temperature and humidity of a warehouse, a lab, a store etc. and the hired person adjust the temperature or weather as required. ITConnectUS developed Temperature and humidity sensor is a program which will bring an end to all of your environmental monitoring issues. Our product will notify the assigned person about any discrepancy in the level of humidity or temperature.

ITConnectUS in Chicago has been a pioneer in Innovation and technology. We always work towards developing something creative to make life easier. Temperature and Humidity Sensor that ITConnectUS develops is itself an example of top-notch digital communication and technology innovation masterpiece. Be it temperature, Humidity, pressure, co2, pH etc. our platform can connect to any sensor. It accommodates a wide variety of industries and application, and offer real-time, continuous monitoring, report generation and configurable alarms notification. Our application has features like quick installation, GUI, graphical reporting, outstanding accuracy and stability.



Cost Saving – ITConnectUS Humidity and Temp sensors will save you money in long run, on the wasted stock, product recalls. If there is a potential problem, you will be notified immediately, before it is too late.

Time Management – Validation is most important role in Pharma industry, Biotechnology and food industries. It can be time-consuming when not automated. ITConnectUS Humidity and Temp sensors possess the ability to quickly fetch validation from an online website. It allows for an accurate record of all processed validation activities.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring – It can be configured to produce a report on the minutest details. Interval-based logging can be enabled to auto-upload the sensor data to the cloud. Continuous monitoring is vital to ensure that compliance is happening all the time — not just when the validation was run.

Statistical Process Control and Analysis – Statistical Process Control (SPC) has been part of manufacturing and healthcare industry monitoring process. However, most industries are now utilizing benefits of Statistical Process Control. SPC is easy to implement, provides real-time monitoring, it enables you to download data over any period of time for utilization and analysis purposes. It assists in study trends and forecasts performance.

Quickly and Efficiently Compile Audit Data – By downloading data for analysis, assembling reports ITConnectUS humidity and temp sensor helps in audit as well. With our web-based software, data is retained indefinitely and can be downloaded in pdf format. This flexibility, along with the ability to retrieve specific data sets, is truly a time saver.


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