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Quality Assurance, universally known as QA is actually a logical testing technique. It includes several steps and stages to examine a product or services. For a web and software development company, developing a product is a most crucial stage but QA is even more important to build an error-free product. It is the last step but not the least. QA filters all the impurities and bugs that could be present at different insights of an application.  For better usability of a service/software, it is a must to do QA for all the sections an application built up of.



  • Save money by isolating software faults at early stages
  • Make software release smoother without compromising quality
  • Enhance user satisfactionwith a superior and bug-free product
  • Minimize defects tendency
  • Fast and steady application development.
  • Improved overall quality of a product.


ITConnectUS QA testing approach is a well-defined strategy that addresses multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing. With years of experience in IT industry we stress on testing each step, the predictability of any bug and risks, efficiently communicate the solution and approach within the team and, do detailed reporting of results and outcomes. We have numerous sets of testing tools and services which includes Automation testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Mobile testing, Regression testing, API testing and AI/ML-based testing to make a difference. Preferably we are inclined towards scrum-based QA methodologies to better risks removal, bug fixing, cutting down time of development and deal changes as they come. However, we are fully capable of supporting a more traditional way “The Waterfall” process with full extent as well. ITConnectUS also does believe in and advocate QA automation. In order to benefit the project, we always implement QA automation testing in place whenever possible depending on the client’s requirements and resources. We make sure that digital transformations are achieved by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital ecosystems such as web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices etc.



  • Follow a proven tool & technology framework
  • We do a complete validation of user experience
  • Use comprehensive approach for effective and efficient testing
  • Provide cost-effective solution and leverage cloud, AI-based testing practices
  • Use of responsive web graphics gear and reusable libraries
  • Site reliability & user-end experience
  • Validation of security threats and vulnerabilities


Automation Testing Services – In today’s busy and every day changing IT sector, testing companies are preferring Automation testing integrated with trending technologies. It brings numerous benefits like cost-effective, resource efficient and automated products. To deploy automation testing for your firm we develop a Framework combining multiple automation components and provide end-to-end test automation. It also eliminates any human error and improves regression testing.

Functional Testing Services – ITConnectUS has developed a well-organized and structured framework for Functional testing. Generally, it is performed at the early stage of Software development life cycle (SDLC) to detect defects, flaws and bugs. It brings a flawless functionality to the complete application.

Performance Testing Services – Performance testing not just tests an application testing but also shapes usability of the product. It can be performed on social media platforms, mobile, IoT connected devices etc. ITConnectUS performs it to meet the fast delivery demand of customers with robustness. It can boast market in a very challenging way.

Mobile Testing Services – Advancement in mobile platforms has made the user interface very effective. In order to test and validate multiple functionalities, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows platform a very large chunk of devices are online 24/7. ITConnectUS handshake with tough complexities of the market and make credible strategies to simplify end-to-end usability.

Regression Testing Services – ITConnectUS empowers users to attain maximum test results with min number of test cases. We use systematic & proven methods with specific algorithms to make regression testing a success. Before next release, we can identify the impacted areas, features and functions of an application. Our team is well equipped with skills to know when to stop testing and how to priorities each event in regression testing.

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