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Morphing Real Images on the Products

Our Morphing Real Images on the Products

Morphing Real Images on Physical Products – “Be the Bear”

Following “Be the Bear” platform – our creative app helps consumers in uploading their favorite picture (of their own or their friends, family) and see their face morphed on top of their favorite bear image on the container.

The containers, boxes or any other physical product can be personalized with customer’s picture on it. They get to keep that as memory and can proud owners of the customized containers, bottles, cans etc.

How It Works

  • Step 1: User takes a selfie and stores it on a computer or the user can pick any stored image from a computer.
  • Step 2: User comes to our designed and developed Web App and upload the image using the app.
  • Step 3: ITConnectUS designed smart image morphing app will mutate the uploaded image with Bear Logo on BNC Canister.

It important for our brand to provide extreme customization to keep our brand loyalists engaged, happy and be proud of our brand.