Widespread innovation, worldwide competition, disruptive emerging technologies and new business models are being implemented in high tech industries. All the transformations happening around makes digital high tech future inevitable. But our study shows that there are yet many tech companies out there who yet to have to explore the power of digital innovation to its full extent.

ITConnectUS team up with companies to accelerating the performance of fundamental businesses and operations while capitalizing to scale new products, platforms, services and business models. ITConnectUS study tells that the majority of the world’s foremost technology companies are not just transforming new digital investments into better financial performance but they are showing world new business growth opportunities. To better understand how different companies reinventing their business by means of digital technology usage, we need to examine the identified practices from companies that blended digital and financial success. Our analysis found that many are companies are lagging relative to the degree of disruption that is happening in the industry. Most high-tech companies have survived earlier without operating on digital capabilities and only a very less number of companies have accomplished ‘digital high performance’. We can say that “Digital High Performers” are the companies that have managed to combine digital and financial success together. They outshine by using digital technologies and tools across all their business areas.



  • Planning – In order to drive value for customers, we plan the digital roadmap for our clients and help businesses to leverage the newest technologies.
  • Developing – To expand portfolios and revenue generation we aid companies with design, develop and distribute the fresh products, services, software and platforms.
  • Selling – By anticipating customer requirement we help companies digitally transforming marketing and sales service while leveraging customer data and increase revenue.
  • Operating – To boost efficiency and improve customer experience along with partners, suppliers and workforce, we help digitally modifying company’s infrastructure and business processes.


The plan dimension reflects whether companies considering digital trends impacting the business, its strategies and the budgets. Planning helps to act decisively on digital methodology and talking lead in digital development high tech industry rather than reacting to it.

The importance of r&d in production and delivery – Our study says that that high-tech company are more active in deploying digital capabilities in design, build and operate. After that, they adopt digital methods to sell or manage a various area of their business.

Importance of digital performance in selling – The extent to which high tech firms engage their clients using digital means, making a sale using by multiple integrated channels and serve them with endless options after sale/subscription; this all comes under Sell Dimension of Digital Performance. Overall, the performance of digital high-tech companies in “SELL” competences is fragile relative to their ‘PLAN’ and ‘MAKE’ dimensions.

Importance of cultural and operations in managing Digital performance – High-tech companies are confronting substantial challenges when we speak about embracing digital renewal and management of the corporate culture and internal operations. The companies that are prepared to shift to “as a service” business approach, possess direct and instant impacts on their organizational culture and operations.

Boosting digital performance in the high-tech industry – Cloud, data analytics, mobile applications, and other new communications capabilities are leading industries in a new era of disruption and transforming businesses.

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