The energy industry including oil and gas companies requires safer and smarter business across the entire value chain. ITConnectUS helping the energy firms transform and grow by adapting to this new digital world.


The next gen of digital plants is integrated with real-time information which helps industries to prevent any loss of company with great safety and efficiency. Latest digital technologies are helping in building and maintaining refinery property more efficiently. The root causes, like human factors, machinery and engineering of loses can be addressed and eradicated by aligning organizational culture, deploying latest technology and digitalizing the entire workflow. The real-time data will make your plant intelligent, secure and boost performance.

Accelerated courses for better decision taking – Accelerated decision making will bring nonproductive time and work down, lessen the cost, improve safety and efficiency etc.

Safe and innovative workforce – Access to better, fast and organized information will bring benefit to the employee. Performance improvement, safer work environment and tracking of the workforce.


  • Foresee Cash Flow and Costing – New technology can help these firms in connecting their operation and finance together for better and effective functions.
  • Elevate Cooperation Across All Disciplines – Integrating your company processes with systems, and data will enable your firm to have visibility across the enterprise’s best philosophy and decisions.
  • Capitalize on Latest Technologies – Next-generation ERP, advanced analytics, Cloud Computing and, Internet of Things for industries (IIoT) are some emerging technologies that can help your organization keep the pace with today’s integrated platforms
  • Take Advantage of a Flexible and Fluid Personnel – Being more agile help in building a liquid workforce. A direct approach is important for managing labour force risks associated.


Customers are demanding more and smartly, to keep up with their expectations Fuel retailers need to act quickly and understand the importance of embedding latest technologies in operations.

Areas of improvement:

  • Disorderly Tech – Technology like ML, IoT and AI are driving customer engagement and operational improvement.
  • Work Patterns – Everything going online requires a change in working patterns. Employees need faster internet speed and flexible working hours like work-from-home options for more productivity.
  • Distributed Economy – Vehicles adapting latest technology are sharing services. This has disrupted traditional transportation methods and revolutionized the business and use of transportation.
  • Customer Ease – Digital technologies are contributing to consumers conform and being user-friendly in providing a wider range of better options.
  • Fuel diversification – Nowadays, vehicles are based on new fuel methods like biofuel, CNG, LPG, batteries electronic and hybrid vehicles making transport industry flexible with driving options.

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