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Our Employee Intranet Portal

Employee Intranet Portal

Employee Intranet Portal is a place for employees of the organization which acts as a gateway to enterprise’s information and applications over the intranet. It helps a company manage its data, applications, and information in an easy, concise and organized way. Portals are browser-based web application that enable a company to connect business processes within the business and across the supply chain by providing access to structured and unstructured data. As per business requirements, different applications can be integrated to support the business processes as well as providing access to real-time, current and consistent information. Intranet portal acts as a single point, a centralized place where not only just company employee but vendors, customer, and, other associates can also have access to multiple pieces of information It is a hub to communication and information.

It is truly up to the organization the way they would like to see their intranet portal. It can be placed on a one-page welcome board blazing on everybody’s screen or go with more nitty-gritty appeal. All the departments of an organization can be linked to this portal for any required information. The best thing about an Intranet is that its scope of functionalities can be extended or diminished according to the business needs and worker inclinations. In any case, there are a few elements that are significant with a specific end goal to label it as a good old fashioned worker entry.

Benefits of Intranet Portal

  1. Fastest and easiest way for the users to get required information
  2. Full functionality of daily used desktop applications
  3. Raised users’ graph of output and efficiency
  4. Positively enhanced style of work
  5. Efficient way of getting useful business information
  6. Information availability for new starters about company policies & procedures

Carrying years of experience, ITConnectUS has been creating Intranet Portals on diverse platforms not only in Chicago but for offshore sites as well. Our team of innovative and dedicated developers are well equipped with right knowledge and experience to provide interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions. We follow a proven development strategy that includes understanding your business, curating concept and designing and developing the desired and customized intranet portals to entertain the needs of customers of various industry verticals