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Digital Cereal Dispenser

Our Digital Cereal Dispenser

What is a Digital Cereal Dispenser?

A Digital Cereal Dispenser more or less looks like a traditional dispenser with its basic function of storing items. However, Digital Cereal Dispensers apart from just storing cereals does much more. The use of technology has made them smart to assist customer plan their breakfast smartly.

It is a groundbreaking product for lazy people who tend to forget refilling their dispensers in a timely fashion. A busy lifestyle makes people less aware of the household items they are running short of and forget to buy them on their way back home and feel regrettable. The beauty of Digital Dispensers relies on the programmers they are based on. These dispensers are designed to send notifications and reminders to registered mobile number whenever the jar/dispenser is remaining below a certain level.

Features and Functionalities

  1. Digital Informative Display – The dispensers have a digital screen on its lid to display all the necessary information regarding the item stored in the dispenser. It provides information like percentage of the remaining item, the date & time the dispenser was last filled etc.
  1. Automated Notifications – As soon as the dispenser is below a certain level it will send out of stock alerts to a registered mobile number.
  1. Trending Items – All the data collected from all the dispensers with different items are analyzed to get some insight on which items are trending among customers, what people like more, what people like less, items that people buy most etc. The data analysis can further be accessed to plan how to improve selling of the other items.
  2. Automatically Price Calculation – The Digital Dispensers are capable of calculating the price of the cereals, bars which are required to be filled. It gives you an exact price with the amount that will be needed to completely fill the container.
  1. Nutrition Information – The screen also displays the nutritious values the item of the dispenser carry. Be it cereals, bars, wafers, crackers, oatmeal

How a Digital Dispenser works

There are physical, hardware and software requirements to make a Digital Dispenser work.

Software requirements:

  1. API-operator COMM. System:
  • It is required to send out of Stock Alerts
  • Current stock in the bins
  • Store and analyze data regarding Trending items
  1. API- POS system
  • Receives weight from the Smart Scale
  • Automatically calculates and displays the price
  1. Web server application
  • Store the data
  • Populating data from the device to the cloud

Hardware Requirement:

  • Tablet/IPad for POS Terminal – Connects to Operator Tablet 3G hotspot
  • Ultrasonic volume sensor – Sensor Enabled Dispenser System to Track the volume and quantity of the material
  • WIFI Node MCU – To send the data to the cloud
  • LTE dongle/device – For terminal connectivity