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Dev Ops AWS Contusing/Big Data

ITConnectUS combines the capabilities and services needed to help accelerate your implementation of the AWS and DevOps. We are dedicated to helping you transform your organizational processes, operations, skills in adopting AWS strategy to innovate new products and services at global scale, and quickly achieve desired business outcomes.

AWS for optimized services

ITConnectUS AWS and Hadoop Team explore the capabilities of cloud strategy, architecture, application optimization and Develops, and Managed Services to address our clients’ needs for accelerating the growth of the cloud and digitalization.

We leverage our automation and tooling capabilities to help clients transform fast along with keeping and improving the reliability and security of companies’ that they currently have. Explicitly, the Transformation Services which covers the variety of migration patterns which involves optimization, scalability and elasticity, and the latest cloud-native applications.

ITConnectUS has dedicated set of resources, trained and certified Hadoop and AWS professionals that are capable of achieving scale and cost-effective migration solution for you. We know just migrating is not the end solution, but running, operating and evolving with Cloud Managed Services is a complete operating model that is ITConnectUS ultimate goal.

Hadoop and Big Data Services

ITConnectUS big data offers delivery of analytics applications for healthcare and financial services customers that are architected to with industry regulations for relevant countries.

In addition, our services offer automated data migration, thorough analysis, and management services ensuring quality, governance, and the required storage strategy for customers who want their data to move into AWS. It moves data from on-premises storage structure to Cloud-AWS, giving 24*7 hours availability and pre-built analytics application sets.

DevOps Consulting

Regardless of being a pro or a rookie to DevOps, its practice helps you create some amazing products, services and experience with certainty. ITConnectUS applies core DevOps principles for collaboration and automation to remove inefficiencies across the SDLC so you see your idea turning into reality.

  • Involve and line up stakeholders, including all IT teams like IT operations, product management, QA/test, security, and others.
  • Automate everything with latest tools and modern infrastructure.
  • Generate feedback loops which help in keeping the targeted delivery outcomes.

What AWS mean for us?

For past few years, AWS has been the most complete and broadly adapted cloud platform. AWS is very effective in providing low costing up-front capital infrastructure expenses to scale your business up for improved operations cost. And it has supplied typically vivid improvements in workforce productivity, avoiding cost, operational flexibility and business agility.

How we can assist

ITConnectUS holds proficiency industry-leading frameworks, tools, application, platforms, technology and services to build reliable systems for delivering superior quality software swiftly.

  • DevOps as a Service

We provide DevOps as a Service solution, it automates the processes in your SDLC to improve cooperation, tracking, management, and reporting. We build infrastructures that are completely safe from any threats or data breaches. It will improve your product and business agility.

  • Consistency in integration and delivery pipelines

A modern continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline are very critical for efficient and effective software product delivery. ITConnectUS can help you in automating your SDLC to initiate automatic development, testing, and deployment as your code formulates. This is essential to achieving better release occurrence and quality.

  • Microservices

Microservices architecture breaks your large apps into smaller and loosely coupled services that can be developed, tested, and scaled independently. ITConnectUS can help firms use microservices to create highly scalable products and assist continuous delivery.

How ITConnectUS gets it done

ITConnectUS possesses a proven record of providing comprehensive and successful DevOps solutions for every kind of industry, startup or enterprise irrespective of size and range.

  • Our experience and skills – We bring years of experience to DevOps initiative. ITConnectUS has done over 100 DevOps AWS implementations, and more than 500 are in pipelines.
  • DevOps credentials – ITConnectUS has certification in AWS Advance Consulting with DevOps skills, AWS Managed Service and, AWS Architecture partner. We have been accessed as most promising DevOps solution consultants by our clients.
  • Abilities – Our unified team of engineers, architects, developers and project managers have the right skills, certifications, experience and a passion for providing solutions across the DevOps environment and infrastructure. We add-up our open source tools with our cutting-edge solutions to establish your DevOps infrastructure.
  • AWS Services

Automatic scaling – It helps in scaling your application across multiple platforms in just a few seconds.

No in-house server – Run all the applications and services on AWS cloud without worrying about provisioning, scaling and managing in-house servers.

Spot instances – Optimize you’re costing around AWS and scale your applications’ by using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

Service catalogue – In order to achieve consistent control and meet your compliance requirements, ITConnectUS harness the speciality of AWS Service Catalog, while quickly deploying only the approved IT services you need.

CloudFormation – AWS CloudFormation improves configuration and achieve faster troubleshooting in a company’s infrastructure.

CloudTrail – Simplify infrastructure security analysis, perform resource change tracking, and troubleshooting with AWS CloudTrail and use the power of event history of your AWS account.