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Design & Architecture Advisory Consulting

Our Design & Architecture Advisory Consulting

We witness extensive changes in technology every day. It influences the IT firms and their architecture in a killing manner. For IT firms it gets important to be abreast with the risks associated, should stay agile and stable with rapid changes. It becomes a must for them to seek the help of latest emerging technologies platforms like social media, mobile technologies, big data analytics and cloud to tackle the design, architecture and security issues.

ITConnectUS, with its extraordinary talented team of Design and Architecture Advisory Consulting members, focus on ensuring that our customers achieve both of these goals and drive business and performance. Understanding the nuances of business success, ITConnectUS Architecture Advisory Consulting team follow a nitty-gritty approach involving technology, a team of experts of the domain and team various skill sets professionals to develop forward strategies for your business.

Unlike major consulting firms, we sit with you to analyze your existing investments, operations, design and deliver custom next-generation processes, tools and software to capitalize on your organization’s productivity and performance.  ITConnectUS team of Architecture Advisory consultants’ leverages on technology, design, automation and architectural innovative solutions to your business and IT challenges. We prefer going the extra mile out running standard solutions to help you achieve excellence in process execution, business operations, and market leadership.

Services We Offer

Business Strategy & Architecture

We start with assessing the existing design and architecture of a company against the reference operating model put up by us. Analyzing client’s requirements and needs, we develop a road-map to achieve the targeted goals.

We help establish the program with:

  1. We work with keep architectural principles, standards and artefact templates in mind.
  2. An innovation lab is always on the table to help in synchronized with technological progressions.
  3. We can offer own consultants to fill the gaps as far as skills, resource and cross-training are required.

Risk Mitigation

ITConnectUS exclusive consultancy solution mitigates your enterprise risk compliance. We also allocate tools required to act in accordance with rules, regulations and policies for refining business process with more transparency, governance and accountability.

Business Procedure and Optimization

It helps an organization understand how efficient they can be and improve returns from business and technology investments.

  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Integration – It is about defining and deploying a service-oriented architecture strategy and operation.
  • Business Process Analytics – With stressing on statistics and analysis, it backs data-driven decision making. Its comprehensive methodology helps your business manage and make a quick decision with real-time.
  • Process Automation – Our team trust ITConnectUS advanced trademarked frameworks to gain insights into business architectural processes that can be automated to improve business.
  • Cloud Integration – Moving to the cloud is easy and beneficial for business operations.