Communication and Media

This is the age of Media and communication, they both work hand-in-hand and in harmony. Media and Communication have been drastic changes due to digitization and, in particular, due to the internet, which can be seen as the most important platform for convergence developments. Electronic devices, social media and internet drive numerous changes in the communication and media industries. This world is witnessing the destruction of a previous communicational model and the dominance of a new paradigm of media and communication.

This new emergence going to effects the economy, our daily lives and the balance of power to political, economic and cultural sectors of our societies. This communicational change can be witnessed in a series of events and transformation in practices example sharp falls in the sale of newspapers, the growing explosion of audio-visual content, the increasing presence of advertising on the Internet, increasing number of social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other micro-blogging sites and media production for online sharing.


We love social media, smartphones and daily digital rituals. It is currently our key to both education and entertainment (not to mention news, our networks and our social calendars). In addition to the latest and greatest apps and gadgets, we also love vintage, antique and timeless tools of communication. It is all because the face of communication has changed dramatically over the past few years. The new market entrants that use open platforms to meet diverse and rapidly changing user wants and needs. The prevalent social networking phenomenon reveals two communication trends.

  1. Change in communication patterns – from point-to-point/two-way conversations to many-to-many and collective communications.
  2. Control of the communication environment is now in hands of Internet platform providers who have enabled by better and cheaper technology like broadband services and wireless communication networks.

New Media

What a new media means – Given the combined effect of these trends, challenges, communications and media companies are moving quickly toward digital transformation and modifying the competitive environment in media and communications industry. It has also given rise to emerging business models like:

  • Open and Free Media Communication – This model features companies that offer 1 on 1 communication services, but through an open Internet platform and at very low cost. These services are a threat to profitable traditional services like long distance calling and mobile roaming.
  • Gated Communities – Companies using this model focus on many-to-many communications within telecom-controlled environments. They appeal to users and enterprises that desire secure and reliable communication environments.
  • Shared Social Media Platforms – This model facilitates the key players like social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. These are the future of digitally integrated communication platforms, bringing together social networking, voice communication, e-mail, instant and text messaging, as well as content. Beyond gaining audience share, these services pose an operational on the existing communications infrastructure.

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