Christmas Festive Fun Kiosk

Nowadays life has become very stressful and monotonous. People always look for some entertainment via joining social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. It does not matter if they are at home, in a pub, public place or shopping at a mall. Especially while shopping at the brand store people expect to have some fun activity from the store itself.

ITConnectUS is known for its innovative-ness and grip on latest technology usage. We have manufactured a spectacular product which will benefit both the buyer and the seller. It makes shopping experience fun for shoppers and, the same time it helps boosting the sales and loyalty of the store.



To make shoppers shopping experience fun, exciting and interactive we have introduced a product that uses XBOX Kinect sensor, it can be mounted on the aisle, front doors or any designated place. Shopper can take pictures using various filters in different angles by simply standing in front of the camera sensors.

The sensor is capable of detecting gender, moods (happy/sad), height, age etc. & turn the pictures taken into a rewarding experience for consumers. It uses awesome filters related to the holiday season on pictures. Stores can use them to put on display or you can share them with your friends and family.



  • Increased customer footsteps
  • Helps in building loyalty
  • Happy & entertained customers stay with company
  • Build faith in the store and product
  • Could enhance the sale

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