Capital Markets

Intelligent and digitally automated design, Data-focused and client-centric operations, Open and accessible environment, keeping operation simple and standardized will help firms improve agility and innovation. ITConnectUS helps asset management and facility management clients capturing the opportunities of future. Asset management firms facing tough challenges regarding profits, demanding investors, rules and digitally upgraded customers. However, there are also lots of opportunities available to bank upon. We provide services to asset management firms for focusing on key challenges built up around the sector.

We provide them with our end-to-end capabilities, core strengths, consulting expertise, technical knowledge, analytics experience and outsourcing capabilities to help the capital market in creating economic advantage and, pass through the complex business environment. The capital market industry is protected by rules, regulations, network effects and balance sheets to some extent which is why asset and facility management firms are not able to get the required transformation. However, we believe few key factors that can force change and revolutionize capital market are:

  • Deteriorating Profits – the global financial crisis has lead major banking and investment firms to back out from investment and fall in their revenue in real means.
  • Rising Competition – Another issue they dealing alongside stagnating revenue is increasing competition.
  • Weak Returns – All investments firms and banks facing weak returns on capital as balance sheet centric businesses are growing heaps and bounds.

Asset Management might apply to both substantial resources, (for example, structures) and too elusive resources, for example, human capital, licensed innovation, goodwill and additional budgetary resources). Resource administration is a precise procedure of sending, working, looking after, redesigning, and discarding resources cost-successfully. ITConnectUS is hungry for IT innovation and creativity. Our team of elite talent can effectively integrate your system with IoT implementation. With knowledge of emerging technologies and their implementing platforms, ITConnectUS is dedicated to bringing you all the IT innovation and Asset management solutions.

Also, ITConnectUS Integrated Facilities Management groups reliably increment the efficiency of your land portfolio by diminishing costs, limiting danger and expanding end-client fulfilment. We drive ceaseless change by bridling our experience and mastery to convey new thoughts and market insight to the table. Since we redo our model to suit your necessities, we empower you to react to changing business prerequisites and give you trust in accomplishing your coveted results by supporting our capacity to convey comes about. We convey administrations for all property sorts through devoted on-site groups supported by a provincial accepted procedures stage. Our minimal effort handling focuses situated all through Asia convey focal capacities, for example, booked and unscheduled upkeep, creditor liabilities and rent organization.

Are you attempting to diminish costs while as yet enhancing end-client fulfilment?  Do you have the mastery and market knowledge required to drive consistent change? Is it accurate to say that you are ready to secure your main concern by limiting operational hazard? Our Facility Management solution integrated with IoT has three important goals:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve the occupant experience

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