ETL Data Migration & Testing

ETL (Extract, Transform and testing) data migration and testing are the solutions we render/ provide to our clients through IT management. Our organization provides a number of solutions regarding data transfer, extracting a data or even testing it. One way to say about IT management solutions would be giving a smart way to the monotonous work. Information Builders offers comprehensive solutions for developing, managing, and optimizing a flexible data architecture that efficiently supports any enterprise information initiative. Our data management, ETL, and real-time transformation solutions meet the widest range of information needs by enabling direct access to data in operational systems, data warehouses, and data marts, or retrieval of detail data via drill-throughs. ITConnectUS employs different access techniques to produce high-quality data, a reusable infrastructure, and comprehensive metadata, including:

• Using ETL to extract, transform, and load data directly into a data warehouse or mart

• Directly accessing operational data stores or the files that service operational systems

• Transparently drilling and joining data warehouses to operational data

• Using an operational system's own application functions to access data

• Trickle-feeding a data warehouse to populate and refresh it

• Performing sophisticated data integration, transformation, and manipulation in real-time