Emerging Technologies

Make Enterprise data visualization like playing a video game

Business Case / Challenge
To fully take advantage of visual analytics, organization will need to address several challenges related to big data, especially how users consume that data – visualization has to be intuitive, friction-less interaction and engagement, discovery of insights has to be surprising, exciting, inspiring like unlocking a secret (only you know how to) to survive in "Call of Duty" video game.

Visualization is often a key part of the 'crucial last step' in Big Data projects – large scale analytical operations designed to draw insights from the ever growing amount of digital data that we are generating and storing. There are inherent limitations in the amount of data that can be absorbed through the human eye from a flat computer screen. This is where many people think virtual reality can step in. By immersing the user in a digitally created space with a 360-degree field of vision and simulated movement in three dimensions, it should be possible to greatly increase the bandwidth of data available to our brains – Bernard Marr, Forbes Online.