Case Studies


A normal US family unit hold enrollment in 29 steadfastness programs (as indicated by 2015 Colloquy Census information), conveying, utilizing and understanding the prizes from these cards require most extreme exertion and time from buyer. Our faithfulness program, best case scenario turn out to be a piece of that 29 cards or an additional card buyer needs to convey with them. Imagine a scenario where "Our faithfulness card" is the one "extreme card" that customer needs to keep and add different cards to it.


A Smart Loyalty card with exceptional innovation installed in it that is equipped for putting away all you're existing and future dedication cards, you can essentially choose the correct card, at the opportune place and utilize it and begin gaining your faithfulness rewards without ever stress over conveying numerous cards with you. It looks, works precisely like any of your other dedication card – aside from its Smart.


• Smart Card versatile App enables you to store boundless number of cards. You can actuate the card you require whenever through Bluetooth.

• All your card data is safely put away in the App. Regardless of the possibility that you lose the Smart Card, your data will be totally sheltered, and you can reload this data into another Smart Card.