Case Studies


How our brand can use packaging as an advertising asset and extend that canvas as appoint of engagement with our consumers / shoppers with variety of relevant content


An image recognition tool to engage excites, educate, entertain and delight shoppers/consumers. This tool is triggered by graphics and can be used with existing, standard packaging and printed fun food. This tool is not for one time use like Blipar, but can be on-going tool to be used for communication where it engage shoppers/consumers at a much lower cost


Today's customers expect engaging and connecting with involvement with the Brand. Snapchat has raised the desires of client engagement to the following level, our brands continually searching for an edge to speak to this kind of gathering of people.


Snapchat sort channel stage - Make the path shopping knowledge fun and energizing. Utilizing XBOX Kinect sensor on the path, customer can make Christmas encounter by means of channels by basically remaining before the sensor. The sensor is equipped for distinguishing sexual orientation, upbeat/dismal, stature, and so on., transform these into a compensating knowledge for customers. Make wonderful channels; share them with your loved ones.