Beacon Ping Technology

Beacon Technology

Beacons have been generating buzz since 2013, in simple words, Beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that transmits a small amount of data through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 150 feet.

Beacon technology strengthens the EngagePHD platform (a cloud-based content management system that allows users to manage their content from anywhere with an internet connection). Different markets like retail, airlines, restaurants and hotels can use this technology for marketing, branding and loyalty by sending coupons, offering navigation services, personalized ads, promotions, product information and calls to action. We are artful in exploring Beacon technology for cooler capabilities and diverse solutions.

How it functions

Once you enter in an area got beacons installed, all of the beacons will have certain IDs, registered in their dedicated application. This means a smartphone app can immediately recognize that the incoming ID is important and that it's from that particular mall. A mobile then will be looking for Beacons in the background. Once detected, EngagePHD™ and the mobile application will perform a search in the EngagePHD™ Cloud, using cellular data or Wi-Fi, to see what content is associated with that Beacon. Once this connection is made, the user or customer can receive customized content to his or her smartphone. All the beacon has to do is connect your exact location to the app, and the rest is up to the program. The possibilities with this new technology are endless.